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Press Photo of Alter.

Alter.| A New Seattle Artist, Just Dropped An EP “For Those Who Care.”

by Zho Visuals

He’s a New Player to the Game,
But He has Always Been Here And He’s Already Making Waves

Steven Trueba has been behind the scenes as a producer for some big names in Seattle for quite some time, but just recently he has started releasing his own artistry and it goes by the name of Alter.

He’s been in the music industry for years producing for TezaTalks who has been making a killing with her hit singles “STFD” and “Find Me“, DEELYLE and a couple tracks for Andie Case, one that recently just made it to Billboard. He not only produced the song “Mysterious” but also shot and edited the music video (you can find it here.) He’s worked so much within the community in a myriad of ways, but now he’s ready to show the world what he can do through his own musical persona.

Within such a short time of releasing Alter. he has already been on EDM.com, TrapNation, Heroic Music, and many other music sources. His debut single “Fatal” quickly earned nearly half a million plays across streaming platforms in only a few weeks. 2019 is his year, and it’s off to a great start with the release of his new EP “For Those Who Care.” which debuted January 8th, 2019.

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Here’s Some Words From Alter. On His EP:

“The EP “For Those Who Care.” is a project that comes purely from the heart, a message of faith, and a story of perseverance. A statement that you don’t have to conform to the way things are just to be successful or happy. I approached this album different sonically then I do my singles because I leaned more towards acoustic instruments and alternative rock motifs to give it more feel than some of the electronic trap stuff I normally produce. My goal with my music is to communicate an authentic emotion from where ever I might currently be in my life. I hope that it can be a reflection for your life and you can listen to it and use it as comfort in trying situations. That’s what a lot of my music is for me as well: therapy. I want to share a story that will make you be honest with yourself so that you can feel confident in your decisions towards a purpose.  Above all, I want to do my best to make my digital avatar something that can contribute to a cleaner headspace and more optimistic mental health. This album is the start of my journey towards self actualization.”

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“If you’re listening to this”
Is a brief description from Alter. addressing the audience directly about what to expect on the project.

We as a society think the wrong things are important when all that really matters is working towards a higher purpose and self.

“Welcome To LA”
The darkness that surrounds “popular culture” and the expectation and objectification of woman within that culture.

A battle with addiction and with ego.

“Talking TO myself”
Praying and Surrendering to a higher power is the only guidance you need. Move mountains with faith.

You can find all Alter. music here in addition to the “For Those Who Care.” full EP download here and all his past, present and future music below.

His handle is pretty easy to remember if you’re with the movement: @alterxyourxego

Website | Spotify | SoundCloud | YouTube |Twitter | Instagram | Facebook

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