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Armin Van Burren

A State of AWESOME | ASOT 900

by Denzil Chung

The term “trance family” is more than just a fancy tag on Instagram. Its become a way of feeling special about life, a feeling I would first experience at an underground warehouse party in Brooklyn 2 years ago for Aly n Fila. Seven hours and plenty of dancing later, the trance bug was planted. Since then, my love for Trance has only continued to grow from witnessing the ASOT stage at Ultra Miami 2017 to Dreamstate San Francisco 2018. So when a friend of mine mentioned he was going to ASOT 900, I knew I had to hop on the opportunity to experience Trance at the ultimate stage.

Started by the Trance king himself, Armin Van Buuren, A State of Trance is a yearly festival hosted in Amsterdam, Netherlands, where trance artists from all over the world perform at one of the greatest stages ever. Whether you are new to the Trance family scene, or a long time fan who appreciates the legends, you can always find a set that you can enjoy. And let’s say you enjoy more of the darker tunes like myself, I guarantee you’ll hear some Tech Trance by artist like Jordan Suckley or Brian Kearny.

The thing I look forward to the most is experiencing a Trance festival in an international setting. It’s no surprise that Trance, like Techno, is very popular overseas, but having a festival dedicated to that one purpose really sets it apart from other events. The cool part is the man behind it all, Armin, loves his Trance fans. Quick story: I became a fan of Armin Van Buuren at Dreamstate last year. I heard about his legendary GAIA persona and it quickly blew my mind within 15 mins. However, it was his solo set that I will always remember….why? I was l literally standing in the middle of the stage zoning out to my own beat when I happen to look up at Armin and noticed he looked back at me. I pointed at myself to see if he was actually looking at me and Armin nodded and then pointed back. I got so hyped that an actual DJ recognized me and just right then hed dropped this banger psytrance track and shrugged it off like it was nothing! All I know was that I felt this rush of energy and started shuffling like a madman. That moment solidified my love for Trance and I can’t wait to experience that feeling at this next level. 

Starting February 23rd, 2019, A State of Trance 900 will feature 3 different stages from progressive, psytrance, and of course the famous mainstage. More information about the event can be found on the website:

Asot 900
Asot 900

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