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A Euphoric Weekend. Music, Yoga & Friends.

by TerraNova.Lov3


Words: Bryan Deleon

At first it was as if the sun, the sky and all the elements that make up a great weekend ahead were in agreement. But, this is Texas and in a flash, weather can make all the difference in you being wet, dry or remain humid. That’s exactly what happened as we geared up and headed out to Euphoria.

Get Euphoric with Euphoria. April 7th @ Carson Creek Ranch – Austin, TX

Heading up Hwy 71 and making our way to the campgrounds, you could already feel the vibes and excitement, a reminder of the days already a past when campout type events meant meeting up with old friends from somewhere and in a different part of the state. Traveling along the highway I text friends to see who was arriving first, most important to make camp together or risk being “man on a lonely island”, so with navigation and the crew all accounted for we arrive early and on time to set up.

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The lineup was in accordance with how it was featured on the flyer, the heavy hitters were fantastic, the supporting acts were excellent; you couldn’t ask for a better Texas based festival. But, what had me more intrigued, than not, was the day time activities! From yoga, to hiking, handmade goods and spiritual retreating could almost be a festival in itself, with or without music.

So many times you head off to a festival and with great fun to follow, but what about the decompressing or something more than just standing face forward and watching a sleuth of guys and girls jump up and down behind “turntables”, what happens when you want to step away for a moment? That seemed to be just what Euphoria came to answer.


There was no price gouging, payments on eats or drink that cost as much as your apartment. There was no security out of order, if anything the security that Euphoria had seem to be the nicest team out of any festival.

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They say everything’s bigger in Texas and after our weekend at Euphoria I believe that’s true. We came to cover a festival, we stayed amongst friends and made new friends. From Dillion Francis to Toddy B, Left/Right & Zander to Bassnecter and Crizzly, this went down as the best festival in the early part of 2016 and what comes next can only be anticipated as nothing short of epic.

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*NOTE: After this story was written, many of our photos and GoPro equipment was lost in the Houston flood(s). We thank Left/Right (Chris Lund) for sharing over the magnificent shots taken during Euphoria.


*Updates to this story were made June 2016. The purpose of these updates are to keep content fresh and available.

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