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From Shuffling House to Twisty Techno | DO NOT MISS These 10 Artists at EDC Las Vegas 2019! | Day Two

by Fresh Music Freaks Staff
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Let Fresh Music Freaks’ electronic dance music experts introduce you to a wide variety of artists at EDC Las Vegas 2019 on Saturday, May 18th. With a good mix of DJs, both new and old, join us in dancing Under the Electric Sky. Let’s jump from cantering Psytrance to cats and boots House, and down a twisty Techno road.

Managing Editor Sandra Huitt aka Tigerlily’s Top 5 DO NOT MISS artists:

1. Captain Hook

Had you told me a year ago I’d be enamored with Psytrance, I would’ve told you to fuck right off with that bullshit.  But then a swashbuckling Captain Hook’d me on Psytrance at Paradiso 2018.  I was absolutely exhausted after dancing for two days in heavy Doc Marten boots (that keep my toes from getting stepped on), but Reshef Harari kept me moving.  Like a marionette, he became my puppeteer and propelled me to the end of the night.  What I really loved about him was when he mixed in a new track and got a face-splitting grin when he looked up to see us jumping in glee.  The man plays to and for the crowd, and those are the DJs that steal my heart. Batten down the hatches and prepare yourself for the storm that is Captain Hook as he takes the Quantum Valley stage at EDC Las Vegas 2019!

2. Black Coffee

This South African-born DJ made it his mission to become a better producer by returning to school in Durban to gain knowledge of music theory.  His first hit single “Stimela” shows his love of the music he heard growing up, throwing the traditional African sounds into a House beat.  Though Black Coffee has been around for over a decade, he’s only recently gained notice, making a first appearance on the world stage of Tomorrowland 2018.  Were it not for the insistence of my friend Marina, I would have missed out on the amazing Tchami + Malaa’s No Redemption tour, so I’m following her advice and checking out Nkosinathi Maphumulo on the Neon Garden stage Under the Electric Sky.


Prometheus” was the first ARTBAT track that grabbed my attention, and it didn’t let me go.  It accompanied my early morning runs, often on repeat, driving me on through almost-freezing temperatures.  Ukranian-born Artur and Batish have quickly become more than Kiev’s best DJs.  With their massive tracks being played by world-renowned names such as Solomun and Richie Hawtin, they get enormous festivals and tiny club dancefloors moving.  With sets moving effortlessly between House and Techno, these guys have been booked all over Europe, Ibiza, and the Middle East.  Their tracks have a way of slowly building into walls of sound that propel my feet to dance. You’ll likely find me dripping sweat at the Neon Garden stage most of Saturday, May 18th.

4. Paul Van Dyk

How much needs to be said about this Trance God, Legend, Icon (and every other momentous title you can dream up)?!?  Born in East Berlin on the wrong side of the Wall, Paul Van Dyk got his music education listening to forbidden Western radio stations.  His first DJ gig was in 1991, and he went nowhere but up from there. A man of firsts, Paul Van Dyk was the first to be nominated for a Grammy award in the brand-new category of Best Dance/Electronic album in 2003, first to be named best DJ in the world not once, but twice in 2005 and 2006, and first to be named Mixmag’s number one DJ in 2005.  If that isn’t impressive enough, he survived a near-fatal fall through an ASOT stage in 2016, re-learned how to walk, talk, DJ, and produce music, and used that experience to create two stunning new albums in the following two years. I’ve seen him over 20 times, and he’s one of the few artists that have NEVER disappointed me, and I’m admittedly extremely picky when it comes to Trance.  Do yourself a favor and DO NOT miss hearing PVD’s style of angelic trance on the Quantum Valley stage.

5. Charlotte de Witte

This fresh-faced lady has quickly taken the Techno world by storm with her driving beats and cool skill.  With few women on EDC Las Vegas’ 2019 three-day lineup, I have a feeling Charlotte de Witte is about to stun us first-timers.  It says a lot about the male-dominated EDM world when a young woman with this much fire and talent feels the need to adopt a pseudonym like Raving George to fly under the radar of booking agents.  When Charlotte won a competition to play Tomorrowland at a mere 17-years-old, it inspired FB hate groups who assumed she had to be sleeping with someone to make it that big.  She was unperturbed as the jealousy of rivals is a guarantee they’re threatened by your abilities. Making the move from Electro to Techno and from the male pseudonym to her birth name propelled Charlotte upwards and she quickly gained the recognition of Techno giant Adam Beyer who booked her for his Awakenings festival.  Her aggressive style of Techno is different from her warm and funny demeanor which is apparent if you follow any of her social media platforms.  I can’t wait to see all my dark and twisty shufflers at the Neon Garden when the unstoppable Charlotte de Witte takes the stage.

Editor-at-Large Meag Bo’s Top 5 DO NOT MISS artists:

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1. Dion Timmer

If you ask me, the perfect artist to see at Electric Daisy Carnival 2019 would be Dion Timmer who gave himself the nickname Neon Dion for his vibrant beats. Coming all the way from The Netherlands, this young artist who found dubstep at the age of 10, has truly paved a path of excellence. Dion is a familiar collaborator of Excision, who opened two years in a row for his APEX Tour in 2017 and 2018. Timmer has started 2019 with fire by releasing 3 new tracks I have included in our Day Two Spotify Playlist! Most recently this little Bass Head killed the stage at the Ubbi Dubbi Fest in Fort Worth, TX. I am hoping he brings the same heat to the Basspod stage at EDC Las Vegas 2019!

2. Martin Garrix

Another young man from The Netherlands is blessing our ears with his magical and impressive sound. For just being 22 years old, who has a birthday the day before EDC Week begins, Martin Garrix has accomplished a tremendous amount with more to come! He already had a record label for crying out loud! With STMPDRCRDS firmly in place, it provides him the chance to expand his crazy love for music without boundaries. I have never had the opportunity to see him live so, you can imagine the excitement I am carrying. To the luck of all fans involved, he is making multiple appearances in Las Vegas during EDC Week including a show at OMNIA on Friday night, the actual festival on Saturday, as well as a pool party at the Wet Republic stage on Sunday. So my Freaks, if you do not catch him at the Circuit Grounds Stage on Saturday at EDC Las Vegas 2019 you will have one last chance on Sunday!

3. Nitti Gritti

Just like his name suggests, let’s get to the point. Nitti Gritti has had an impactful first couple of years in the music game. To say the least, he has completely proven himself with having backing from some larger names we all idolize. After having a massive 2018, and performing roughly 100 shows on three continents this House-Master was beyond ready for 2019. My first experience with Nitti Gritti was just recently when he was apart of a secret lineup for a 4/20 show hosted in Los Angeles by Space Yacht X Mad Decent. WOOOOOW is all I can say. My mind was blown, which was completely appropriate for the event. You could feel the energy and passion throughout the show and I hope he brings the same to the Circuit Grounds on Saturday!

4. Valentino Khan

When an artist suggests you wear pajamas to their show, you know they’re pretty fucking cool. That is exactly what Valentino Khan did when he made his way to Los Angeles on his House Party Tour in March, at the Hollywood Palladium. Valentino Khan has made a name for himself as a talented producer and DJ. With songs such as “Deep Down Low” which was named “Most Played by DJ’s in 2015” by 1001 Tracklist.com he sure knows how to get the party started… and how to keep it going. Unfortunately, I had to miss out on the Los Angeles show. Let me tell you, the FOMO was fucking REAL! That is the exact reason I will not miss him performing at EDC Las Vegas on the Cosmic Meadow stage this year!


A lot can happen in a year and NGHTMRE is proof of that. In 2015, Skrillex played “Street” at Ultra Miami which led to the take-off of Tyler Marenyi’s career. Just one year later he was jet setting across the world to play shows of his own and throw down at major festivals. The LA-based Trap, Dubstep, and House artist has previously collaborated with Lil Jon and even Shaquille O’Neal who also goes by DJ Diesel. Most recently he also made an appearance at Ubbi Dubbi Fest but, he came with a surprise collaboration partnering with Slander. If you have not watch some clips on YouTube, I high recommend doing so ASAP! NGHTMRE continues his residency at the famed Hakkasan Group in Las Vegas for the 2019 season. We are all lucky to have such opportunities to see him in the club however, there is nothing like seeing an amazing artist on a grand stage like Cosmic Meadow. I hope to see you there grooving Lil Freaks!

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