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The Untz Festival 🎧 | Turning Heads with Parody Videos👽

by Erik Sisco

The Untz Festival gets it.

I haven’t laughed so hard at what is essentially a commercial in living memory. The organizers of The Untz Festival, set to take place June 1st and 2nd at the Mariposa Fairgrounds in California, are absolutely crushing their competition in terms of representing their brand. The Untz Festival was already on my radar; I’d heard the whispers of countless wooks who’d had an incredible experience in the past. Following my exposure to this very clever Video (and a killer phase one lineup), I decided it was one I won’t allow myself to miss in 2019.

Watch all the videos in the playlist above.

The Untz Festival lineup, while relatively small so far, is still the most compelling I’ve seen for my own specific musical tastes. Lots of experimental bass music and just a touch of riddim; perfect. Headlining acts Space Jesus and Boogie T are at the top of the game right now, and with their respective labels, Wakaan and Subcarbon, both heavily represented at The Untz this year, we can expect some insane b2b’s from various artists. If you’re half as obsessed with Wakaan as I am, you’ve already been trying to manifest a Guccimen set into reality since seeing the lineup drop.

While the headliners at The Untz Festival are certainly enough to move tickets, where I really start to salivate is further down-ticket. Particularly exciting for me is a first opportunity to see Pushloop! I was also thrilled to see the inclusion of tsimba, an NYC based artist I’ve had the pleasure of seeing as local support for many of my favorite artists’ Brooklyn tour-stops; most recently, I saw him absolutely crush his opening set for Jantsen and Luzcid’s recently concluded tour.

Don’t forget about the The Untz Festival Early Arrival party folks! So far, only two artists have been named for the pre-party. Don’t let that deter you; they are two of the most talented dudes making music today: Freddy Todd and Of the Trees.

The Untz Festival 2019
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