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You’ll Have The ‘Temptation’ To ‘Let Loose’ When You Hear This Week’s New Music | Fresh Music Friday

by Guest Contributor

Chris Lake – ‘In The Yuma (feat. Aatig)’

“The pandemic was a shitty time but great things came from it. It was great to be doing music whilst being live on Twitch in 2020 and one of the best memories I have from that time is making this track [‘In The Yuma (feat. Aatig)’]. When I finally got around to testing it out live (over a year later) I couldn’t believe how well it worked. I’ve been playing it ever since.”

Chris Lake

ALPHA 9 – ‘Down To Love (feat. Jonathan Mendelsohn)

Lifted from the forthcoming debut album, ‘New Horizons’, out January 13, 2023 — ALPHA 9 presents ‘Down To Love’ with vocalist Jonathan Mendelsohn.

Ralphie B & Frank Waanders – ‘Fata Morgana’

ZYX Trance, the label overlooked by Talla 2XLC  now welcomes the very experienced and globally recognized artists Ralphie B and Frank Waanders who have releases on labels like In Trance We Trust or Nocturnal Knights. Ralphie B recently collaborated with Talla 2XLC for the ‘Spirit’ released on That’s Trance. ‘Fata Morgana is a solid, to-the-point, uplifting, euphoric trancer with a driving bassline combined with pounding drums, suspenseful synths, ethnic vocal snippets and a magical violin melody. The masterfully done breakdown takes us all the way to the very euphoric, feel-good, hypnotic and truly energetic drop. 

Eli & Fur – ‘Temptation’

On ‘Temptation’, Eli & Fur showcase their deep, melancholic electronic sound and playful and catchy vocals, adding another elegant, yet catchy offering to their impressive catalog.

Giuseppe Ottaviani – ‘Horizons [Part 2]’

“Making this [‘Horizons Part 2’] has been as satisfying as any major project I’ve undertaken. I’m delighted with how it turned out and I know there isn’t a single track across its eighteen that I won’t stand by in twenty years’ time. I knew there would be more of a challenge to making it … but looking back I’m not sure I anticipated to quite what degree. With some things in life though, it’s just better not to know! 

Each track that reached completion I could hear sounded significantly different from anything I’d made before. That had a way of setting the artistic bar higher for each one that followed. One aspect I particularly love about ‘Horizons’ is that it has a single feel and vibe that runs creatively, vocally, lyrically, tonally and sonically through it. It is the most ‘complete’ album collection I’ve made, and I couldn’t have done it without the incredibly talented group of singers and songwriters that gathered for it.

As a sign of its ‘completeness’ perhaps, I’m delighted that not only will ‘Horizons’ as a whole be available through the usual digital channels, but also on CD and – in a first for a GO album – on a limited-edition double vinyl. I think this will give the most passionate followers of my work a truly special physical item with which to enjoy what I think is a truly special collection of music.”  

Giuseppe Ottaviani 

Kx5 – ‘Avalanche (feat. James French)’

As excitement builds towards their headlining Los Angeles Coliseum show, Kx5 (Kaskade and deadmau5) have released their latest single ‘Avalanche’. ‘Avalanche’ featuring vocalist and songwriter James French is carried by his enigmatic vocal “Say what you want / It hits me / An avalanche / A flash freeze / Never stood a chance / So bury me under your snow,” intertwined with a pulsing beat and dizzying acid line.

Sunny Lax – ‘Emerald’

The ‘Emerald’ EP marks the start of an exciting new chapter for Sunny Lax – featuring three tracks that Sunny has been extensively road testing on tour, ‘Ayahuasca’, ‘Emerald’ and ‘Dance With Me’. 

Rinzen – ‘Renaissance’

Los Angeles’ underground hero Rinzen debuts on the Factory 93 Records imprint with his latest construction, a driving melodic techno masterpiece aptly titled ‘Renaissance’. 

GRiZ – ‘Bangers[7].Zip’

Following the release of ‘Skydive’, GRiZ has unleashed the latest edition in his ‘Bangers.Zip’ EP series. Returning after a two-year hiatus, ‘Bangers[7].Zip lives up to the hype set by its predecessors. A dizzying array of hard-hitting bass and anthemic dubstep, the 3-track EP features new tracks ‘Laser Fire’ and ‘MEGAZORD’, the latter of which features collaborators ProbCause and Chrishira Perrier who have become full time touring members of the GRiZ live show.

Afrojack x James Arthur – ‘Lose You’

“I’m a big fan of James Arthur’s musical style so it was a pleasure to work with him on this single [‘Lose You’].”


The Shapeshifters – ‘Let Loose’

From humble beginnings to working with luminaries Billy Porter, Joss Stone, Kimberly Davis, and Teni Tinks, The Shapeshifters aka Simon Marlin announces the release of his brand-new studio album ‘Let Loose’. Wrapped in a defining optimistic mood and colorful palette, ‘Let Loose’ plays with the friction between Marlin’s musical persona and his influences, delivering a masterclass in his flourishing depth of integrity as a producer and admiration to those who exert their enduring influence upon him.

Habstrakt – ‘Outer Space’

French-born, Los Angeles-based DJ and producer Habstrakt introduces his latest collaboration with 22-year-old Roderick Porter – ‘Outer Space’. Sensual lyrics come together with a jump-up beat to produce an all-time bass house classic, crafted by the mind of French DJ and producer Habstrakt, featuring vocals from Roderick Porter. In just over three minutes, the track achieves that ideal dance-floor punch with a piercing bass house drop that fans of the genre know and love.

Serge Santiago – ‘11:11’

Storied producer Serge Santiago drops his eight-track album ‘11:11’ on Jack Said What, highlighting the label’s multi-genre music policy and Santiago’s exquisite skills in the studio. On the release, the UK-based artist delivers a blend of bouncy house, Italo and subtle disco flavors.

Gl0bal – ‘Demon Hours (feat. Big Jest)’

Fans can get their first taste of ‘Judgement Day with ‘Demon Hours’, the album’s lead single. The track is a collaboration with viral London rapper Big Jest and it combines UK drill with hard trap and bass – a vibrant mix that effectively incorporates Gl0bal’s cultural roots into his dark, trap-heavy brand.


Quickly emerging as a dynamic talent within the indie electronic music scene, NASAYA has become a force to be reckoned with. Staggering to new heights, the Los Angeles-based artist and producer joins ODESZA’s Foreign Family Collective for his upcoming EP, ‘RÊVES’. 

DAVI – ‘Nosferatu’

“Over the past 7-10 years, I have accumulated many ideas in my hard drive that I always wanted to make into songs. ‘Nosferatu’ was first made in 2014, but I never finished it. This year I went back to my old projects and brought them back to life with a newer touch. Since I am known for a specific sound and style through my productions, I wanted to get out of my comfort zone for a little and make bigger tracks for bigger dancefloors. I believe this is what I was aiming for in this EP.”


PARIS – ‘Mangata / Dreamstate’

Australian-born DJ and producer PARIS is fast becoming a stand out act in the realms of melodic techno and deep house, cultivating a united strain of the two genres and breeding it with contemporary sensibilities. Making her debut on Lane 8’s This Never Happened last year, the burgeoning talent now returns to the esteemed imprint with her latest opus, ‘Mangata / Dreamstate’. 

N3WPORT – ‘Bliss (feat. KC)’

Electronic music producer N3WPORT releases his sophomore single on Lost In Dreams Records, wrangling the vocal talents of emerging singer-songwriter KC on a rock-infused melodic bass creation entitled ‘Bliss’. 

Nicolas Masseyeff x Kittin – ‘Present’

French DJ and producer Nicolas Masseyeff collaborates with emblematic DJ, singer, and songwriter Kittin. Following a slew of joint releases on Systematic and Mobilee, the pair present a sultry, slow-burning number on Marc Romboy’s imprint. ‘Present’ is a track from Nicolas’ long-awaited album, with remixes supplied by the label’s founder and Avision.

Eliminate – ‘Nothing Left (feat. Xaelo) [Bensley Remix]’

Toronto-based producer Bensley amplifies the turmoil on Eliminate’s recent single ‘Nothing Left’, featuring Xaelo, with a brilliant drum & bass rework that is twisting the knife as part of the ninth season of releases on NIGHTMODE

Cour T. – ‘Florestao’

The young prodigy, Cour T. has returned to the label with his seventh EP offering, ‘Florestao’. Deriving its name from the Portuguese phrase for “land covered with trees”, ‘Florestao’ is filled with eccentric melody lines and rhythmic tribal-inspired percussion to create a delightful earworm. Cour T. rounds out the two-track EP with ‘Big Like M’, a percussive-driven house original accented by wonky, offbeat synths.

Black Hawks of Panama – ‘Nobody But You’

“I hadn’t had my new Moog synth too long, and after tweaking a little, I got the bassline going and the track built itself from there. Bisi and I had been talking about making a banger.”

“‘Nobody But You’ has been one hell of a ride. When Danny sent over the instrumental, I loved the vibe he had right off the bat. I booked a flight, wrote the lyrics on the plane and when we got into the studio, it was musical synergy, from the first chord to the last vocal.”

— Danny & Bisi of Black Hawks of Panama

XAVAGE – ‘Don’t Stop’

Holstering a palpable swagger from the jump, ‘Don’t Stop’ opens with a slew of distorted synths and warbles before descending into a frenzy of raucous beat work. Too large to fit inside a singular box, ‘Don’t Stop’ deftly fuses elements of chest-pound bass, with wild sound design and driving percussion. From start to finish, XAVAGE commands control with gun clicks, hard-hitting trap, and a pummeling bassline fit for any and every corner of bass music’s empire. 

Ultra Naté x Henrik Schwarz – ‘RICH M’FKs’

RICH M’FKs’ is one of two tracks made with Henrik Schwarz for Ultra Naté’s #1 album ‘ULTRA’, alongside the previously unreleased ‘BOY (Feeling Good Feeling Better)’. Both tracks now feature on this special EP, accompanied by previously unreleased dub versions, and presented Ultra an opportunity to process swirling emotions intensified during the lockdown period.

Krystal Klear – ‘Essentia / Winnies Karaoke’

Beloved Irish dance music tastemaker Krystal Klear returns with new EP ‘Essentia / Winnies Karaoke’, out on Running Back. Kicking off proceedings, ‘Essentia’ balances the euphoric rush of its topical genre perfectly with the happy-sad moments after the rave. If that is not musical or emotional enough for your taste, you will find content in the ‘Sunrise Version’ featuring vocals from prolific model and actress Soo Joo Park. Excessive use of the well-beloved choir, breakbeats and – downs make it equally irresistible for sun-ups and love-ups. On the flipside is ‘Winnies Karaoke’. Named after the interactive entertainment bar in New York’s Chinatown and made sometime in the early morning hours, it’s the quintessential Krystal Klear sawtooth sound. Its counterpoint is the ‘Sundown Mix’, which is techno prog for the tilted generation.

Elliot Fitch – ‘Benin’

The evolution of Elliot Fitch continues, unlocking international flavors for a West African-influenced banger. After mastering the art of disco seduction, he loads celebratory vocals, rubbery twangs and rapid drum fills onto kicking beats for a hot slice of house sunshine. The celebration of ‘Benin’s local funk/afro pop scene will cause heavy traffic when unveiled as the centrepiece of your evening’s entertainment: vibrant, colourful, kind of chaotic but joyfully so, Fitch’s loops, following the law of French touch with the same delicious results, bring everyone together and keep alive holiday season.

MARIA Die RUHE – ‘Dance Or We Are Lost (Seomdi Remix)’

“The original mix of ‘DOWAL’ already has super nice vocals and very relatable lyrics, so I felt I had to add a kick-ass bass line to really make you want to dance. Also, I wanted to give the vocals a musical context that really embraces the message of the track in the final drop. So I created some epic synth pads that made me feel this yearning for salvation in dancing.”


PLEEG x Eyezic – ‘Dead Weight’

Mixed to pristine clarity, ‘Dead Weight’ is an ever-evolving hybrid between PLEEG’s intricate and bubbly production style and Eyezic’s vast and spacey rhythm-driven touch. Up close and personal, the Dance-pop record features stunning vocals and elaborate drops, each one with its own unique personality.

Robag Wruhme – ‘Speicher 123’

There’s no 123 without 4 in our beloved ‘Speicher’ series. Robag Wruhme is back with two intense, low-slung monster tunes in his unique masterful fashion. ‘Fire’ is destined to set your peak time dancefloor on fire with its killer bassline and trippy sequences. ‘Un-spok-en’ is equally relentless and unfathomable, garnished with a haunting vocal snippet.

Maya Jane Coles – ‘Freefall (feat. Moxie Knox)’

Building on Maya Jane Coles’ sonic signature, ‘Freefall’s central focus is the beautiful and haunting vocal work from Moxie Knox. Held up by a growling, fuzzy bassline and delicate drum work, ‘Freefall’ stands at the precipice of functional club and easy-listening headphone music.

Darksidevinyl – ‘Red Face / Black Shine’

Darksidevinyl’s style is unique, fusing Afro-influences with house, all wrapped in a blanket of deep warmth, as ‘Red Face’, the lead on this AA side, demonstrates. But the track doesn’t stop there in its multi-cultural influences as it also infuses a sultry vox and Latin rhythms. Meanwhile, ‘Black Shine takes an instrumental path, and looks to a soaring string arrangement, which is almost Bond-esque in style and feel. If ever a dance track deserved a Maurice Binder / 007 credit sequence, this is it

Villows – ‘Vivid’

“Seeing yourself in a dream is such a strange and borderline nightmarish experience. It could mean many things, but I like to think it’s your mind telling you to re-evaluate who you’ve been lately.”

Villows on ‘Vivid

Acid Asian – ‘Break Into Acid’

A three-track release, Acid Asian’sBreak Into Acid’ kicks off with the title track, a driving, acid-soaked techno cut that immediately sets the tone. Next up, ‘Distortion Reality’ takes things up another notch, pairing pummelling kicks with 303 madness, before ‘Introspective Acid’, as the title suggests, offers the EP’s most contemplative moments – while losing none of the intensity.

La Favi – ‘Action’

Latin Grammy nominated singer-songwriter La Favi makes her Dim Mak En Fuego debut with ‘Action’, a reggaeton song that masterfully intertwines Latin, R&B and darkwave influences.

*Featured image via The Shapeshifters, Eli & Fur, Chris Lake and Rinzen*

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