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What the Shaky Beats Artists are Working on This Year [Playlists Included]

by TerraNova.Lov3

Shaky Beats is now less than two weeks away, and the anticipation is growing. But don’t worry, we got you covered with a recap of everything you can expect to hear in Atlanta; as well as playlists of all the new music to get you through the last two work weeks before the festival.

We are now 4 months into 2018, and there have already been buckets of new music dropped on us!  For example, we’ve already been treated to Kayzo’s heavy new album “Overload”.  There he introduced us to his unique blend of head-banging rock, dubstep, and trap.  We also got a stellar joint EP from Louis the Child and Whethan, “Honey”.  Those 6 feel-good tracks will make you feel like spring is here, even for those shivering in Chicago!  Next up was “IRENE” from Medasin: 16 unreleased songs, delivered as one continuous mix, worthy of an uninterrupted listen.   If you don’t believe me, trust the man himself:

If you are a fan of Flosstradamus, then I’m sure you were as devastated as I was to hear that they went their separate ways.  However, in true artistic fashion, Josh is stepping out with his own project: Yehme2.  So far this year, he has dropped a three song EP: “Skat Men” with the legendary A-Trak.  He also dropped a remix of DJ Snake’s “Different Way” and a single “H.I.T.P” with Ricky Remedy. Check them out and hear his own personal sound that he has created after 11 years of collaboration with Curt and the HDYNATION.

We can’t forget to mention the numerous singles and remixes that were dropped from Shaky Beats headliners!  First off is our favorite hot-chocolate condiment, Marshmello (#fucksmores)!  He recently produced three singles, including “Spotlight”, released posthumously with Lil Peep, who tragically passed away last November while the track was unreleased.  Make sure to hug your homies and give it a listen!

[irp posts=”15312″ name=”Who you cannot miss at Shaky Beats Festival 2018″]

We also got the smash hit “The Middle” from Zedd which has already racked up over 257 million Spotify plays! Ookay dropped the first single/title track, “Cool”, off his new upcoming album.  Our boys, BROHUG have also released two new songs for all house fans out there! Then, last but not least, we’ve got new tracks from Herobust and Excision for anyone wishing to break their neck.  

To listen to all the 2018 releases you will likely hear in Atlanta, check out our Soundcloud playlist of singles, 

and some mixes for a taste of what to expect during each set:

Let me reiterate, we are only 1/3 of the way 2018!  The year is young, and there’s so much more music coming!  Dillon Francis dropped “VEN,” “We The Funk,” and “Sexo” as an introduction to the Spanish album that he has in the works.  He announced an English album as well but there have been no hints of what to expect.  I am eagerly awaiting what he, Gerald, and his dubstep blender are mixing up for us.  We’ve also heard that Zedd has an album in the works. San Holo is working on a new album along with a collab on What So Not’s album “Not All the Beautiful Things.”  Finally, we haven’t received a new album from Wolfgang Gartner since 2016!  He recently dropped “Banshee” with fellow Shaky Beats artist K?d, and on January 28th he tweeted out:

Does this mean a new album could be coming soon?

In conclusion, my dear bass heads, trance kids, and candy girls, we have so much amazing music to carry us on in to festy season!  Make sure you catch all of these talented artists in the one place they will converge to start the season with a bang: Atlanta Georgia!  On May 11-13 join us for Shaky Beats to see these sets before anyone else on the festival route!  #NoFOMO2018!  

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