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News - Tour - January 28, 2019

TWO FRIENDS | With My Homies Tour | Be Ready for a Party!!

Two Friends are starting out in Los Angeles for their 'With my Homies ' tour, February first at The Fonda.

Two Friends Tour kicks off February 1st at the Fonda Theater in Los Angeles!

At it again, the LA-based producer/songwriters Eli Sones and Matt Halper, also known as TWO FRIENDS are starting their ‘With My Homies’ Tour. The duo chose to kick off in Los Angeles for a special hometown show at The Fonda Theater on February 1st.

The North American tour will be their largest yet in support of their new single “With My Homies“. This song is a dance-pop anthem for those who value true friends. And the Big Bootie mixes have been a staple for college parties and tailgates nationwide.

These bumping mixes highlight their skillful edits of many favorite songs and remixes. Clocking in at one hour long, Big Bootie Mix Vol 14 features 193 songs, including their own edit of EDM classic “Sandstorm” by Darude as well as tracks by Jay-Z, Justin Timberlake, Tiesto, and many, many more.

Two Friends are double trouble as they get ready to bring the house party to the stage! Stay tuned for a review of this epic adventure! Find the full list of tour dates & ticket information by clicking below.

Two Friends | With My Homies Tour
Click Image for Tickets & Info! | Image Via The Fonda

*Featured photo via Galen Oakes*