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This Week’s New Tunes Give Many ‘Reasons’ To Show ‘More Love’ Towards Music | New Tunes Tuesday

by Guest Contributor

HALIENE – ‘Underneath My Skin (Nifra Remix)’

With her interpretation of ‘Underneath My Skin’, Nifra pulls off the seemingly impossible, managing to retain all the heartfelt meaning of HALIENE’s song, whilst landing it centre square of the clubfloor. Advancing its tempo to a primetime pace, she set its verses against locomotive bass and drums, while its chorus is met by poignant grand piano, powerfully orchestral strings and synths that endlessly uplift.

Black Circle – ‘Reasons (Andrea Oliva Remix)’

Ramping up the dance floor energy, Andrea Oliva’s remix transforms ‘Reasons’ into a certified peak-time viber that loses none of its poignance. A landmark record, the original marked the first release on All I Need from an artist other than Oliva.

Raidho – ‘Jaguar Dance (AMÉMÉ x NeneHalena Remix)’

An invigorating Afro House rework that samples DJ Rolando’s seminal production ‘Knights of the Jaguar’ from 1999, AMÉMÉ and NenaHalena’sJaguar Dance’ remix see’s them add percussion and synth stabs that make way for a spine-tingling crescendo just before the tribal groove kicks back in.

Bob Moses x BROODS – ‘Old Love’

Co-written and co-produced by Bob Moses and BROODS, ‘Old Love’ orbits around a quietly breathtaking vocal back-and-forth between Howie and Georgia. After opening on a moment of stripped-back reflection, the lushly textured track steadily builds in intensity, propelled by brightly cascading beats and a hypnotic bassline. Meanwhile, the lyrics to ‘Old Love’ continue the narrative thread Bob Moses explored throughout ‘The Silence in Between’, perfectly capturing the pain of trying to move forward in life while still longing for certain aspects of your past.

Noizu x Secondcity – ‘More Love (Camden Cox Remix)’

“Not only is this my first ever remix, but I’m a big fan of Noizu and Secondcity! It was an honour to remix this tune [‘More Love’] – I used warm trancey sounds that you’ll hear in my own music, and incorporated my own vocals to give it a real CC twist! The vocal is iconic so it was easy to work with, I just made it a bit darker and sprinkled it with proggy beats and arpeggios.”

Camden Cox

munro – ‘About You’

In an ocean of haunting nostalgia, ‘About You’ swims through wave after wave of warm memory, pulsating to the rhythm of the downbeat. Each brittle vocal shard floats like a mote of dust caught in a sunbeam. Suspended, they begin plummeting into a pool of glittering synths, floating on the oscillating currents of munro’s immaculate production.

Ten City – ‘Love Is Love’

Described as a song of forbidden love, ‘Love Is Love’ churns with synthetic strings and a moving bassline. “Modern Romeo and Juliet meets Westside Story!” is how it is described by Ten City co-founder and vocalist Byron Stingily.

YOOKiE – ‘Iron Man’

Bass brothers, YOOKiE have returned with an exponential increase in live performances following a stream of progressively more successful releases. They have gone from being the secret weapon’s in most of the biggest bass and dance artists sets, to becoming one of the fastest rising acts of their own. And now they drop their biggest release to date, ‘Iron Man’. 

*Featured image via Nifra, HALIENE, Andrea Oliva and Camden Cox*

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