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This Week’s New Music Comes From ‘Worlds Beyond’ And ‘Echoes’ In My Head | ICYMI Monday

by Guest Contributor

David Guetta x MORTEN – ‘Element’

David Guetta and MORTEN’sElement’ is one of the fiercest tracks on the EP, hammering out a brutal techno attitude.

RAM x Roxanne Emery – ‘Echoes’

Never a man to undercook it studio-side, on the second single taken from his upcoming artist album, RAM gives it his all. Unbridled drum gallop, thermobaric bass, sky-touching synths, vocal whoops and strings that’ll make your heart sing all resonate throughout ‘Echoes’. On their first collaboration together, through her words and voice, Roxanne Emery amps the feels on every level of the track. From pathos all the way to empowered, she spans the full emotional range with a tour-de-force delivery. 

Jason Derulo x SHOUSE – ‘Never Let You Go’

Jason Derulo and SHOUSE release new dance anthem ‘Never Let You Go’ The song propels SHOUSE into a pop stratosphere with the help of Derulo’s unmistakable, soaring vocals and a thumping chorus. Derulo’s staggering velvety voice blends perfectly with the Melbourne SHOUSE choir, in a collective cry of longing and love from across the globe.

SoDown – ‘Worlds Beyond’

“For my first album [‘Worlds Beyond’], I wanted to dive deep into the human experience. Face mortality, joy, adventure, and pain. Worlds Beyond is a reminder to live for the now, and to accept what is. Here, now and beyond. It is not the destination, but the journey in which we truly live.”


Skream x Jansons – ‘World Is Empty’

Hot on the heels of his recent club smash, ‘The Attention Deficit Track’, Skream returns to CircoLoco Records with longtime collaborator Jansons for a breakbeat-fueled instant classic, ‘World Is Empty’. 

Alex Poet – ‘Glide’

Brazilian DJ and producer Alex Poet shares his highly-anticipated 5-track EP, ‘Glide’. Serving as an ode to summer, the opus marks the start of a new chapter in Alex’s musical journey and sees the blossoming talent experiment with a uniquely melodic-driven sound, whilst remaining true to his house music roots. From start-to-finish, this unique collection of records utilizes space and simplicity; subtle yet complex in its undergrowth.


Seattle native MUST DIE! is overcoming genre boundaries like never before with his newest album ‘FERAL FANTASY’. Bringing the wildest offering of music from him so far, ‘FERAL FANTASY’ includes everything from state of the art sound design, to classic rave stabs and breaks, and everything in-between.

Wax Motif x 220 KID – ‘See In Color’

House music mainstay Wax Motif connects with UK’s rising star 220 KID on their new collab ‘See In Color’, a classic-minded vocal house anthem arriving as the latest release to circulate from the Insomniac Records catalog. 

Ultra Naté – ‘FUN’

“It’s all about sing-along vibes and deep groove when it comes to ‘FUN’. This one is dripping in 70’s hot buttered soul with a modern perspective from the seriously talented young British producers, NK-OK and Mr. DM. ‘FUN’ is the story we all lived when our lives came to an abrupt halt as the pandemic swooped in. One minute we were partying, hanging and connecting, the next we were in a dreadful isolation. ‘FUN’ reminds us to enjoy and celebrate the small things, the moments and the adventures!”

Ultra Naté

Bok Nero – ‘Toxic Rain’

Shedding light on toxic relationships and unrequited love, ‘Toxic Rain’ was a cathartic writing experience for Bok who typically dislikes talking about his feelings. While talking about his feelings is challenging, making music about them comes more naturally to Bok Nero. While questioning himself on “why do I invest so much into these relationships to the point I feel empty when it’s over?” – Bok found closure in his own situation, while also creating a healing song for the listener with ‘Toxic Rain’. 

Sharam – ‘The Rain (Transatlantic Mix)’

Grammy-winning DJ and producer Sharam and vocalist Bengle have delivered a brand-new Transatlantic Mix of their acclaimed 2019 track ‘The Rain’. 

ANOTR – ‘The Reset’

Fast-rising Dutch duo ANOTR have unveiled their long-awaited debut album ‘The Reset’, out via their own No Art label.

SG Lewis – ‘Lifetime’

“I think that ‘Lifetime’ could be my favorite record I’ve ever made. I wrote it with my friends Ed Drewett, Reuben James and J Moon late one night at Decoy Studios, and the song is largely about Ed and his wife. It’s a song that channels inspiration from a lot of the music I grew up listening to and holds a very special place in my heart.”

SG Lewis

ASHBA – ‘Cryptonite (feat. Sarah de Warren)’

Acclaimed producer, songwriter and multi-platinum EDGEOUT/UMG/UMe recording artist, ASHBA drops his latest single, ‘Cryptonite (feat. Sarah de Warren)’.

Stööki Sound – ‘Revival’

From the jump, Stööki Sound lets us know that they’re back and mean business. Releasing their guttural trap banger ‘Revival’, they breach the limits of the trap sounds. The monstrous record raises the heat to unmeasurable temperatures; a scolding 808 rattles, hi-hats scatter, and resynthesized vocal chops groan as the production comes to life.

Frameworks x Cleopold – ‘Blue Light’

Frameworks’Blue Light’ kicks off with repeated, nostalgic keyboard chords before Cleopold enters the mix with an angelic verse surrounded by subtle percussion and deep house synth melodies. The track slowly builds before washing away into its central section, which adds head-bopping drum patterns supplemented by an ethereal, emotionally moving hook. The kaleidoscopic track encourages focus on your momentary feeling, and enjoying that moment through a transcendental atmosphere. 

*Featured image via RAM, Roxanne Emery, SoDown and MUST DIE!*

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