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Music Festivals - News - June 4, 2018

The Forest is Calling

For years I have arguably had one of the most notable Festivals in my own backyard. Well, 5 hours of driving time…living in the midwest, that seems close enough. Three years ago I attempted to purchase tickets. They sold out within ONE week. Far too quickly to get everyone organized and ready to go. This year… I am jumping out of my skin at the prospect of finally unleashing my inner forest nymph at none other than THE Electric Forest.

Why would a self-proclaimed camping naysayer even consider Electric Forest? The prospect of pitching a tent, and centering my inner being in nature just wasn’t that appealing to me in previous years. In fact, I remember leaving my last camping festival saying “THIS IS IT, I AM RETIRED FROM CAMPING FESTIVALS.” I gave it 3 really good shots. I REALLY tried. I even set up a tent a few times (with help) and soldiered through. I camped for the eclipse, I camped for Imagine in Hotlanta (I now know why they call it Hotlanta), and I camped for Dirty Bird in Florida… and now it looks like I will camp for Electric Forest. Why? Because the Forest is calling my name, and when the Forest calls, you answer. Camping or not, I feel strangely compelled to do this. I need something different from the average “stadium festival.” I have heard nothing but wonderful things. I can’t wait to experience the magic of the Forest for myself.

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This year Forest added 2-day tickets which makes the prospect of attending more reasonable with my current business obligations. I hope to be one of the lucky people to show up, hopefully, learn how to set my tent up super quickly, and then head out to the art installations. This will be a completely solo trip at this point. I have never attempted a camping trip solo… so clearly I am going to need a little help from the universe to accomplish this. I look forward to reporting back on my journey. Joel, I love you so much… this Mau5trap stage will be worth everything.

Choose your weekend below, and I will see you in the Forest! I have my eye on weekend 2.

Electric Forest Weekend 1

Electric Forest Weekend 1 | Purchase your tickets here

Electric Forest Weekend 2

Electric Forest Weekend 2 | Purchase Your Tickets Here