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Art - Music Festivals - February 22, 2017

Symbiosis Gathering Oregon Eclipse Announces Elemental Alchemy Visual Art Instructors

Symbiosis Gathering-Oregon Eclipse August 17-23 2017

Symbiosis Gathering is honored to announce the instructors of the Oregon Eclipse Visual Arts pre-gathering immersive.  These thought leaders have transformed the artistic landscape of our culture, and we’re so happy to have them on board.

Creation in action has never been so enticing!

Spend 5 days with us diving deeper into creative expression as we cultivate your ability to manifest inner vision into art. Students at all levels of experience will benefit from a uniquely personalized approach as we develop and improve your fundamental technique in painting, drawing and conceptualization from the wellspring of your imagination. We welcome you to nourish your creative spirit within the fertile environment of the Eclipse – with the right tools, practice and guidance, everything is possible.

Immersive runs August 12-16. Participants may arrive after 6pm on August 11

5 days of Instructions & Community Building

3 Home-cooked Local Organic Meals Per Day (Sun-Wed)

1 Festival Experience Pass, 1 Early Entry Pass

Hover over the picture for artists description!


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