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by Alex TerraNova

Fresh Music Freaks is a music culture multi-media outlet.


We are a nationally recognized, organically grown music, media, and fashion brand. We focus on user-friendly experiences in the festival and music scene and deliver relatable content to artists and fans alike.

We are rooted in the belief that music is the universal language, and truly brings everyone together. We are so ingrained with a passion for music, that we live it every day.

We are passionate about the relationships that music has fostered throughout our lives. We are passionate about creatively curated content, and fostering positive relationships in the music industry.

We came here to fuck shit up!

Fresh Music Freaks actively explores Electronic Dance Music (EDM) culture, the movers and shakers, the up and comers, the underground. But we understand that it is in you, where the heart of electronic dance culture lies.

If you’re reading this it’s because we are interested in your voice, words, videos, photos or experience and we encourage you to submit whatever you like.

If you want to cover a festival say so. We can’t cover them all ourselves but we have the contacts to make it happen.

We have music coming in almost every day for review. If you want the latest music, speak up but a deadline will need to be met.

We are expanding into festival fashion and jewelry.

Art, hooping, gloving, dance. Whatever your passion is, we want you to write about it.

Please submit a sample of your writing or an idea.

Submit a show or a festival that you would like to cover. We will do the footwork to get press passes, interviews, meet and greets…all you have to do is record the conversation, ask the questions, facilitate the meet and greet, live tweet…whatever. We will then review, edit and post your work. It’s that simple.

Oh! We just have to mention…A word to the wise. This is not an invitation to squander. Working with Fresh Music Freaks is a blast and we have spent many years building the relationships that we have within the industry.

Other than that we look forward to connecting, collaborating and confiding in you.

Please read our Submission Policy before submitting.

You can upload up to 5 pictures no larger than 1080 x 1080. FMF prefers that they contain watermarks.

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