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Soul Bandit Releases ‘Alone in Live, Together in Death’ EP

by Tom Fairfax

As Halloween takes over the world for a night of spirits and costumes, one producer has decided to use this day of the dead to bring attention to something a bit more up lifting. Meet Soul Bandit, a twenty something year old artist based in LA who’s unique style of electronic pop creates a sturdy platform for her own dreary subject matter. Her latest project “Alone In Life, Together in Death” may only last for a little more than 10 minutes but the ride it will take you on will keep you thinking much after it has stopped playing. Soul Bandit had this to say about the ep.
“This EP was intended to be a representation that the end of the life cycle and post-death experience may be a beginning to something new rather than solely an ending. I think of everything as cyclical and although we don’t fully understand death, it’s comforting to think about it as just another bizarre chapter of life. I know it’s a rather cryptic message, considering the EP is all over the place in terms of genre, but existence in general is strange, confusing, and all over the place, so I felt it was only fitting to call it, Alone In Life, Together in Death.”

Overall this is a great listen for Halloween and even though the poppy beats might through you off a little at first, once you dig into her lryics and really get a feel about what she is singing about, the while thing makes a lot more sense. Make sure you check out the playlist below and be on the look out for more great music from Soul Bandit coming soon.

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