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Shambhala Music Festival | Attendees serve up advice for creating your own magical experience!

by TerraNova.Lov3

Fresh Music Freaks jumped online a few days back to get an idea of how previous Shambhala MUsic Festival attendees curated their own version of a magical experience.

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We asked Shambhala Music Festival facebook page: Outside of the basic necessities…What makes your Shambhala list for having a good time or creating a great experience?

The answers came flooding in….

Having an open mind  trying new things! But also… baby wipes lol – Kendra Cardinal


Fly solo for a big portion of the night! You pay a lot of money to be there and have every right to experience the festival the way YOU would like to 

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Go in with an open mind and don’t expect anything. Literally dance like no ones watching. Get naked. Hug strangers. Literally bring your best attitude and it definitely won’t be a bad time ❤️ – Kiley Alexander


I brought a gas lantern and it made it feel like a fire! It’s warm and lots of people were attracted to it  I LOVE LAMP – Carlee Maxwell-Wilson 

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This is my first time so I’m making myself not plan anything and just letting whatever happens, happen. – Renee Lightning Hutchinson 

Be safe…Renee!

Bring a small note pad. Get names and hand out secret notes to people. – Andrew Irving

Totally stealing this idea ? – Toni-Lee Thompson 


An umbrella! Good for rain, but mostly sun! And its going to be friggin hot! Snaz it up and personalize it if you feel like it! Also great way to help be found if you lose your homies (which usually always happens lol.) – Eden Cherise Gale 

Yeah man rock an umbrella to save you from the sun! – Mike Valentine 

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Throat lozenges go a long way; But Especially a Good Scarf: it can provide shade from the sun, you can soak it and keep cool, you can use it to keep warm (when dry) there are many with cool designs and they can be used for sassy dancing. A big enough scarf can also provide more comfortable seating on the grass, and can be wrapped around the waste and out of sight/mind when un-needed. Festival scarf: Game changer – Jo Hel


A comfortable home base with homies n’ shade. Nothing beats stumbling in to your well put together camp at 6am and finding 10 of your best friends who also just stumbled in and sharing your stories from the night.

EDIT – this ties right in to what others have been saying about having YOUR Shambhala and not letting people drag you places you don’t want to be. Go with friends but don’t feel like you’re blinded to them. You’ll each create your own memories and even get to share some with each other 

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A mister. Everybody loves a bitch with the mist. – Cassidy Lorne 


Talk to everyone ??? even if it’s just shouting HAPPY SHAMBHALA!!!! You get soooooo many more hugs that way. ???? – Sabrina Schilling 


So there you have it…have fun and be safe out there kids….keep your heart open at Shambhala and let the good times take over!


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Photos: inyourspeakers.com

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