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San Holo

San Holo | Set The Mood For The New Year | Album 1 Tour [Photos]

by Zho Visuals

Look Below For Pictures!

San Holo released his new album, Album1, back in Sept. and he’s been on tour with Taska Black, Duskus and, Eastghost across the country playing some old and some new, but all great tracks. I was lucky enough to have the chance to witness their show in Seattle and it was the last stop on the tour.

I honestly don’t have much to say about this show other than it really set the bar for how 2019 is going to be for me, and the bar was set so high and I’m so grateful for all the performances I saw that night. My background in music is alt. rock and shooting EDM shows doesn’t always satisfy the “I’m at a concert, this is live music!” feel for me, but San Holo successfully quenched that desire by rocking out on his guitar right in front of my face for the majority of the show. The last time I saw such a wonderful EDM stage performance was Porter Robinson & Griz at Paradiso 2017 and it’s hard to beat The Gorge venue, live sax and electric drums, but I was just as moved with this more personal performance.

The only bad thing about this show was when a part of my camera gear got yanked out and broke so I couldn’t use my monopod (a pole to lift my camera above the crowd) and I’m only 5’4 so all my shots were lower than I intended. BUT, San Holo literally looked like he tried to make eye contact with every single personal there and it was so personal and such a unique show and I adored every minute of it so the lower-than-intended pictures are perfect for the mood he set. Not to mention that at the end of his set, he GAVE SOMEONE HIS GUITAR. This man is amazing…and I’m very jealous of whomever got that gift.

It was also so cool to finally see Taska Black live, especially after consistently bumping his new EP, MINDS, that he just released during the beginning of the tour – he has a sound that I can really get behind. You can read the exclusive interview I did with him here.

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