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Regenerate Portland | A Feast for the Senses!

by Tigerlily

In the months after ABGT250, I’m sure like the rest of you, I experienced quite the comedown.  What was next that could possibly compare?  I’ve been to many festivals in my life, and ABGT250 was unique.  So when a new friend I’d made at one of the many phenomenal after parties at The Gorge contacted me on Facebook and asked if I wanted to help out with Regenerate Portland, a music and performance show featuring Mitiska and Adrian Alexander in Portland, I jumped at the opportunity!

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What he didn’t know is that when ABGT254 came out in October, featuring Mitiska as the guest DJ, it brought a little light to my gray Pacific Northwest fall.  Especially the Andrew Bayer vs Cerf, Mitiska & Jaren – Memories on the Run (Mitiska mash up) track which I played on repeat as I ran away my blues every morning.  And if you love trance, you’ve definitely heard Adrian Alexander’s recent release Whispers.

The cherry on top was finding out that Regenerate Portland would feature a fashion show and performance art.  Having grown up doing art, dance and music classes, this show brings together all of my passions.  Expect aerial artist performances by Afterglow Aerial Arts, hooper performances by Soulistic Flow,  and the funky fresh fashion of the Burning Man, rave, and LGBTQ community, guaranteed to Keep Portland Weird.  Rather than a formal catwalk show, my friends and I will be taking the stage in our own thrift store, off the wall fashion consisting of fur, sparkles, animal print, vintage and more.  It’s guaranteed to be a feast for the senses!

Then we’ll turn around and do a slightly different version 175 miles north in Seattle.  Hope to see you there!

Tickets & Info Here

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