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FMF | ‘I’M A FREAK’ | BASEBALL JERSEY *Limited First Release*

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Fresh Music Freaks | I’M A FREAK, ARE U? | Baseball Jersey *Limited First Run*

Premium baseball jersey featuring 16 color transfer, cut and sew sublimation process. ‘FREAKS’ across the chest, ‘3’ on front right and back with ‘I’M A FREAK’ above, neck label and ARE U? on the back bottom right. 100% Polyester.

Number ‘3’ has a significant meaning to the founder of Fresh Music Freaks.

Alex was born on 9/3,

Alex’s Life Path Number is 3 (Get your Life Path Number here)

The triangle is the strongest naturally occurring shape.

Fresh Music Freaks is three words.

Three is the Magic Number.

There are three primary colors of which all color derives.

and most of all…

‘Good Things Come In Threes’ has a definite positive connotation, From fairytales to hollywood blockbusters, “the rule of three” (Latin-“omne trium perfectum”) principle suggests things that come in threes are inherently more humorous, satisfying and effective than any other number of things.


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