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Paradiso Winner Announcement


by TerraNova.Lov3

Paradiso Festival is now three weekends away and Fresh Music Freaks couldn’t be more excited for the upcoming experience. Paradiso by USC Events, June 23rd and 24th, 2017.  This event is held just 2 hours east of Seattle, Washington at the Gorge Amphitheater.  This 25,000+ capacity scenic outdoor venue is located in the gorge near the Colombia River, where the most beautiful sunsets and sound vibrations live.

In May, Fresh Music Freaks launched a ticket giveaway and asked everyone to tell us their story as to why they should win the tickets to Paradiso.

We received over 750 submissions and Yes, we read every single one of them. We received some amazing stories in which people were celebrating anniversaries, friends coming home from serving in the military, single mothers that wanted time to feel wild again and some in which good friends just wanna get “lit fam” for a weekend. Truly inspiring and all the stories hit us in the feels.  If we could, we would give all the submissions passes.

For one couple we wanted to make this entire experience unforgettable from beginning to end. They have been granted Fresh Music Freaks permission to share their story. [EDITED]

By chance if we win these tickets, I just want to say that my festie bestie is my boyfriend Robby. Robby an I have been through so much together; ups and downs alike.

From people stealing everything we owed, to learning to trust again, to love again, and to share those two things with not just one another but with others and in the end our tribe.

EDM music is more than casual listen to us, it’s apart of our daily lives. It has brought the deepest, amazing people into our lives and to top that off our tribe began with our first Paradiso festival a couple years ago.

We met amazing people and held on to them for life. We may have lost family, friends, and all of our possessions, but we never lost faith in one another and have only continued to grow spiritually, musically, and worldly.

I end with saying to who ever wins these tickets, GO! Go have fun, connect, dance! Make moments you will never forget like Robby and I continue to do!

Thank you Fresh Music Freaks for the opportunity to get a chance to win tickets to go again this year! Fingers are crossed!

Enough said…Thank you for sharing. Hopefully we can get them to share pictures when they get back!

Paradiso Festival 2017

Paradiso Festival 2017

Congratulations Janelle Smith and Robb Lee!

We hope you have an amazing time!

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