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Oregon Eclipse 2017

Oregon Eclipse 2017 The Full Line Up is Here!

by TerraNova.Lov3

Oregon Eclipse 2017 Announces Lineup for August 17-23 Gathering at Big Summit Prairie

More Than 300 Artists Across 7 Stages Including Bassnectar, Sound Tribe Sector 9, String Cheese Incident, Beats Antique, CocoRosie, Max Cooper, Damian Lazarus, Justin Martin, Machinedrum, The Gaslamp Killer, EPROM, and much more

Oregon Eclipse 2017, a multi-faceted global collaboration gathering in celebration of The Great American Eclipse, has announced the complete musical lineup for the August 2017 event. Oregon Eclipse will offer an all-encompassing assemblage of some of the world’s best sought after electronic and live artists to soundtrack a once in a lifetime venture.

The Oregon Eclipse experience will be hinged by an unmatched fusion of immersive environments and musical exploration, creating sonic performances that can literally be stepped into. Attendees may find themselves at the multi-genre Eclipse Stage with the likes of Bassnectar, String Cheese Incident, Sound Tribe Sector 9, or Cocorosie; at the House and Techno haven Sky Stage with Max Cooper, Damian Lazarus, Justin Martin, the Desert Hearts Crew, DJ Tennis, and Patrice Baumel, or deep in the much talked about Sun Stage with psychedelic legends Perfect Stranger, Ace Ventura and Raja Ram.

The more than 300 artists will also perform on the ground-shaking Moon Stage featuring the likes of EPROM, The Gaslamp Killer, Emancipator, and Bleep Bloop, at the downtempo driven Earth Stage with Dirtwire, Govinda, Phaeleh, and Random Rab, the globally inspired Silk Road with the sounds of Nicola Cruz, Goldcap, and Sidecar Tommy, and finally the Big Top will offer a range of live and performance art spectacles from EOTO, Vokab Company, Vau de Vire Society, and more.

It is the combination of world-class musical environments, jaw-dropping installation art, future shaping educational programming, 50,000 acres of pristine lake-side wilderness and the singular natural phenomenon that is a solar eclipse that make Oregon Eclipse a truly once in a lifetime event.

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The Oregon Eclipse Production will be a masterclass from the world’s best event organizers, artisans and creators. A no-screen policy ensures generic LED walls will be eschewed for stages, spaces, installations and art built by artists and craftsman from all corners of the globe. Pulling on the distinct elements from each of the eleven global producers, Oregon Eclipse will literally build a temporal world inviting attendees to embrace a different way of life for a full week

Big Summit Prairie Ranch, two hours from Bend, will provide an incredible backdrop for this majestic event, an unmatched festival location, 55,000 acres of pristine wilderness.  After scouring the West Coast for more than five years Symbiosis found a location that combines a 52 acre swimmable freshwater lake, rolling hills, wooded groves and a vast grassy plain – an idyllic container for the music, art, exploration and education that has come to define the Symbiosis experience.

Symbiosis has a history with Eclipses, having held two events in 2012 – Eclipse 2012 in Australia during a total solar eclipse and Pyramid Eclipse near Reno – coinciding with an annular eclipse. In Kevin KoChen of Symbiosis Gathering’s own words,


“there are some amazing things to see in the world, from works of art, vistas on mountaintops, or underwater preserves. But nothing can prepare you for the majestic spectacle of a total solar eclipse.”


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