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Old skool meets new skool: Dr Phunk, Rob Gee talk ‘The Sing Along Song’

by Guest Contributor

Dropping a real hard dance track for the hard generation, Dr Phunk & Rob Gee combine to bring a taste of their new skool meets old skool vibe with this latest anthem. Rob GEE has been a significant player in the hard dance scene since the early 90s. Despite his already impressive statistics, his collaborator Dr Phunk is at the early stages of what is set to be a long and illustrious career flying the flag for the hard generation. With this latest single, ‘The Sing Along Song’, both artists seek to showcase the purest anthemic spirit of what hard dance is all about. Unity and raving.

1. So, you both have your individual styles, how did this collaboration occur?

Dr Phunk: I’ve always been a fan of Rob’s work since he is one of the artists that paved the way for newer artists like me. I always liked combining 2 generations to reach fans of different eras.

Rob Gee: I First heard about Dr Phunk through a friend. He mentioned Jordy was going to be flying into New Jersey and would be at the airport for a few hours before his other friend could pick him up. So, I decided to meet Jordy at the airport and hang with him until his other buddy could pick him up. This is where the friendship began. The more I got to know Jordy; I realized he was a good guy, and we became close. When I work with someone, we must be friends 1st otherwise it won’t work for me. I, of course, started listening to Jordy’s music more and realized he had something special; the man is talented. We hopped in the studio a couple of times, but nothing really came to be. However, when we recorded “The Sing Along Song”; this was just two friends having a good time and the result is a good time you want to hear over and over.

2. How would you best describe your style?

Dr Phunk: Energetic, versatile, and well approachable for everyone

Rob Gee: The first 3 words that come to mind are Eclectic, Energetic, and Fierce. I’ll never put myself in a box; I love to take chances. Melding different genres and making my own is my specialty. Good Music is Good Music; no labels are required.

3. This track has a great fusion between the old-skool and the nu-skool, where do you see the future of hard dance going?

Dr Phunk: I hope that I can bring my type of hard dance to the global audience by making it more approachable.

Rob Gee: It most certainly does. LOL. I can see the “Hard Dance” scene progressing into the mainstream. To some degree, it already has. I believe the future is bright. 🙂

4. What were your influences behind this track?

Dr Phunk: We just wanted to make an easy-going party track that could catch everyone’s attention. It became a true earworm.

Rob Gee: For me, it was two good friends having a good time in the studio. No overthinking: it was a natural occurrence.

5. What do you want people to think or feel when they hear this track?

Dr Phunk: Unity and the urge to sing along. That’s why we called the track “The Sing Along Song”.

Rob Gee: I want people to feel the good time Jordy and I had made this song and create their own good times and memories over and over.

6. Did you both start out producing hard dance? If not, what genre did you first start producing?

Dr Phunk: I started with Hard dance and am still doing it, even though my sound changed dramatically over the years.

Rob Gee: I started writing and producing “Hip Hop” and “Thrash Metal” while I was still in High School; there was no “Hardstyle” or “Hardcore” yet. LOL

7. Which genres do you think are underrated if any?

Dr Phunk: Hard dance is underrated and prejudged.

Rob Gee: There are so many out there, but for now I will say “Hardstyle” and “Hardcore” are a bit underrated. 😉

8. Apart from this track, which of your previous tracks are your favourite?

Dr Phunk: That’s an impossible question haha, I like all the work that I put out! I think that if you don’t feel a song, you shouldn’t release it.

Rob Gee: Right now, 1 of my favorite songs is “1 Gabber Family” and that’s a fact. Also, “Nonshlentustokken” ‘Ode To Vortex’ which was my very first vinyl release and kicked this whole thing off for me will always have a special place in my heart.

9. When not performing or creating music, what do you like to spend your time doing?

Dr Phunk: I’m a fanatic gamer, I like to hang out with my friends and family, and I like to travel a lot which happens all the time due to the dream job that I have.

Rob Gee: Me time is important; otherwise, you will burn out. I like to go out and listen to real live music, watch bands, and maybe hop on stage and sing. Sometimes I’m just chilling with my little doggie, Mr. Buster Black and that’s all I need.

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