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No Mana releases “Game Over”… Thank you mau5trap!

by TerraNova.Lov3

No Mana releases Game Over, his latest EP. A six-track release on mau5trap, Game Over spans across various genres, with elements of progressive house, trance and bass.

No Mana’s signature style has taken form through a mixture of early house influences and the producer’s synthetically-dominant style. The alias first took shape in 2015, following the release of the producer’s UP music series, before quickly gaining the attention of famed producer deadmau5. Joining the ranks of fellow mau5trap rising stars including ATTLAS, Rezz and more, No Mana continues to make himself recognizable in the realm of electronic music, appearing on deadmau5’s Beats 1 radio program, as well as performing across various festivals including Electric Daisy Carnival.


1. No Mana – “Nostalgia Drive”
2. No Mana – “Tell Me More (feat. Jessica Ess)”
3. No Mana – “Lethargy (feat. Cafcat)”
4. No Mana – “Ten”
5. No Mana & Zashanell – “Over & Over”
6. No Mana – “Frozen Fireworks (feat. Fader Lima)”

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