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News: Lucidity Festival Purchases Land for Year-Round Alternative Education

by TerraNova.Lov3

In a groundbreaking move in the festival world, Southern California-based Lucidity Festival is…

launching a center featuring an innovative curriculum with a focus on short retreats and hands-on experiences. Lucid University will provide an affordable and accessible alternative education model to a new generation, growing on the heritage of centers such as Esalen in Big Sur, Calif.

“The trend has been moving towards festivals buying land. Most are looking for a place to host thousands of people a couple of times a year. We’re looking to create a full-time community of learning and real-world training in the principles we’ve mastered through building a festival,” said Jonah Haas, Marketing Director of the newly-formed Lucid University LLC, “the crowdfunding campaign will allow us to launch the actual programming and to get repairs and systems in place for a late 2017 grand opening.”

The year-round village will be located on a historic 80-acre homestead in Southern Oregon. The land, nestled in the lush Siskiyou Mountains, will house communal facilities, nature preserve and wildlife sanctuary, education center, gardens, and a hands-on collaborative coworking/makerspace.

The annual music and arts festival will continue to be held in Southern California.

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A crowdfunding campaign, running on running on IndieGogo from September 22 to October 27, has a goal of

$111,111 to jump-start the experience. Contributors will be among the first to be able to enroll in short introductory courses, long-form immersive retreats, apprenticeships, certifications, online education, and even romantic getaways on the property.

The center seeks to be both dynamic and transformative for participants. Courses will initially be divided into five tracks: CommunityWorks, CreativeWorks, BodyWorks, EcologyWorks, and SpiritWorks. Prospective students will be able to sign up for courses ranging from Reiki, Permaculture, Art, Lucid Dreaming, Movement, and much more.

For the past 40 years, the property has operated as a community and Arts and Ecology center under the name Trillium, the three-petaled flower native to the region. The site is already permitted as an educational retreat and it will maintain its name while growing beyond its original mission.

“Music festivals used to just be an excuse to get together and party. But the last few years, our community has started to come together around community service and learning opportunities, before and during the event,” said Jamaica Stevens, LU Manager, “the next step is to ground this on land, to create a more sustainable experience and year-round village.”

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