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New Desert Hearts Release | Jacky ‘Firepower’ EP

by Tom Fairfax

Desert Hearts Records has a new member of the family called Jacky who’s music is ready to fill your ears and get your body moving. This London based producer is bringing you a powerful punch of new tunes in his new two tracker EP titled ‘Firepower’.

The name is very well fitting as he doesn’t waste any time in getting to the hype in these songs. The first one titled FIREPOWER sneaks in and immediately gets to the groove. But the best part about this track is the dynamics. Just as fast as he brings the energy up he equally takes it back down leaving you wanting more when it’s over. The second song titled NOW YOU’RE TALKING is a classic tech house beat with a high energy feel. These two tracks together are enough to get you ready and excited for future releases by the amazing Jacky.

Be sure to check out this EP and the rest of the incredible talent on the Desert Hearts Label.

Jacky Firepower EP

Jacky Firepower EP

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