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Monolink Releases Hypnotizing Live Performance of New Single ‘Sirens’

by Tom Fairfax


Berlin singer/producer Monolink two weeks ago announced his forthcoming album with the release of his first single Sirens. The forthright and evolved track hints at an exhilarating and contemporary body of work to follow.

Today we are presented with a live recap of the song’s debut at Australia’s Strawberry Fields. Monolink AKA Steffen Linck graces the crowd with his utmost versatility, blending thumping rhythms with his guitar and silky vocals. Monolink is a hero of the underground – now occupying a space that transcends both dance music and the indie pop domain. The smorgasbord of crystalline instrumentation, upbeat vocal melodies, and speaker knocking beats creates a wide-reaching bubble much more significant than that of a dance music production.

It seems like this Monolink fellow just came out of nowhere, but we are loving it.  Through the video, Monolink proves himself as a top-tier guitarist, singer, and songwriter.

Monolink’s full-length album is due in 2018.

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