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Middlelands 2017 | Come with US… A Journey into Renaissance

by TerraNova.Lov3

 A Daily Journaling on the Road to Middlelands 2017

Insomniac and C3 present a new festival experience with full camping, artwork, and 5 stages of the best electronic dance music and live bands in the world.

Tuesday May 2, 2017

Let us tell you a tale of fantastical wonderment and exhilarating awe. We speak of a journey to a place beyond time and space, where the past meets the future. We speak of C3 and Insomniac’s inaugural Middlelands Festival! We are moments away from the point of no return with our hearts beating wild in anticipation and our imaginations burning bright… this is how we got here.

We have been enthusiastically planning every detail of our next week, for several months. We have reviewed all the information online, asked a million questions and have come up with backup plans for our backup plans. We want to maximize every moment of time at the Texas Renaissance Festival Grounds.

Our experience with The Texas Renaissance Festival has always been EXTRAORDINARY! There is really nothing like it. It’s as close as you can get to a time machine, transporting all patrons back to an age where turkey legs and mead was the preferred social network, where corsets and kilts are high fashion. The staff, shop owners, and performers are world class. When we heard that Insomniac was invading Texas again, the wheels of our imagination started turning.

Since the Announcement costume ideas flooded our minds. We have been brainstorming and painstakingly assembling our outfits. The amount of time preparing for Middlelands far exceeds how long we will actually be there. We want to fully participate and get lost in the forest. We will wander the trees and make people smile. We want to take the best pictures, make the most laughs, and cause folks to say…


We have covered everything from paper mache to Kandi, six different types of headgear to hot and cold weather modifications.  We are going out of our way to bring a bigger vehicle just so we can fit our imaginations inside.  Countless days of planning, nights of staying up past bedtime and endless return trips to the store are about to pay off.

We are not alone in our adventure.


We will be joined by thousands upon thousands of medieval monsters, pixies, pirates, dragons, and knights. Our clan will arrive to the castle gates just past dawn on the Day of Hump with unbridled joy and a feverish calling to make these hallowed grounds our home.

My fingers are covered in three different colors of spray paint, two types of glue and a decent sized cut from the time I got way too confident with an X-Acto knife. – Adam

As we settle into this new realm, where the rules of time and civilization no longer exist, we become our true selves. We eat, we dance, we laugh and once that is done…we finish breakfast and head into the woods. We chase our dreams and create a reality that transforms. We are given the chance to live within a fairy tale with some of best entertainers in the world and all of this alongside the folks we love. The possibilities are endless.

We hope you’ll follow along with us as we carefully lose control in the forest. We will be providing updates, experiences, interviews, and a first-hand look from deep in the heart of Texas, our home.  

We are commandeering the Fresh Music Freaks Twitter Account.

Follow us as we live tweet and let us know what or who you want to see! We are your eyes and ears, capturing the essence of Middlelands.  

We wish you could be there with us to witness the kind of sheer beauty and awe that changes lives. But if you must stay home, stay connected to Fresh Music Freaks and walk a mile or 30 in our boots. This will be one for the ages…Middle Ages.

With Love,

Adam and Erin


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