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Michael Brun Releases ‘Bayo’ and Music Video

by Tom Fairfax

Today, Haitian DJ Michael Brun releases his latest track ‘Bayo‘ alongside a beautiful music video celebrating Haitian culture.

Brun features several Haitian artists on the tune: up and coming Haitian rappers Baky and Strong G, who Brun discovered during a recording session on the small island of La Gonave, and Haitian pop star J. Perry, who provides a spell-binding chorus. The tune is heavily inspired by the traditional stylings of Haiti – Afrobeat, Rara, Konpa, Hip-Hop, and Reggaeton all updated with Michael’s unique brand of pop-EDM.

The music video is a testament to Michael’s commitment to the Haitian community, featuring children from the area of Jacmel representative of the Haitian artists on the track when they were younger. The meaning of the video is that this new generation of Haitians will not be defined by the tragedies that Haiti is known for, but instead will create their own destinies and create their own Haitian identities.

Michael recently stated in an op-ed with Billboard:

“We are writing our own Haitian anthems… These are the voices that will be heard by the next generation of Haitians and these sounds will define Haiti to the rest of the world in years to come”

Check out the tune and music video below.

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