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Culture - Exclusive - June 9, 2017

LUVBAR | A Journey through Culture, Music and Shea Butter



LUVBAR, A Journey into Shea.



“What you put in your body & what you put on your body are equally important”.

Back in March I was given the opportunity to sit down with the gentleman who created LUV BAR,  a naturally processed 100% Shea Butter all in one skin bar. Stephen is an amazing soul with an incredible journey that has brought him to the place he is at now. A small store front with the name “Butter” over the door guides me into the room located just outside of downtown Eugene, Oregon and sets the stage as we sit down and talk for the next 30 minutes.

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Stephen Anthony—founder and CEO of LuvBar, was always inspired by his health conscious Grandma, Louise ‘Honey’ Moore, who lived by her motto, “What you put in your body & what you put on your body are equally important”. Stephen created LuvBar while in massage therapy school.

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Unsatisfied with the ingredients in massage creams and oils on the market, he sought to create a product that utilized the incredible healing properties of mineral rich shea butter in a more effective, unique way. After much research and experimentation, he developed a production technique that allowed him to transform organic, raw shea butter into a chemical and preservative free compound with a silky smooth consistency.

He then combined the improved shea butter with different skin-loving essential oils, resulting in 7 products that serve a variety of skin care needs. Luv your skin with artisan crafted Luvbar, the pure and simple skincare for everyone.


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