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Kisser “Risque” (Arkade) Out Now.

by TerraNova.Lov3
The Kisser’s debut for Arkade, “Risqué.”  

Press play, close your eyes, and ask yourself, “Am I in the VIP of Studio 54, or am I blasting the future of disco from my computer speakers?” You’re listening to The Kisser’s debut for Arkade, “Risqué.” 

We can tell you this…

He’s a producer from France. He’s not bound to any genre conventions. He’s ready to ignite a new dance floor revolution evocative of the genre’s hottest era, yet firmly steeped in the 21st century. Think Giorgio Moroder for the Snapchat age, and you’re halfway there. Pucker up and feel the love all over again like never before…

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