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Kayzo’s Outbreak Tour

by Josh Andrews

The one and only Kayzo is currently on a massive bus tour, bringing the Monster Energy Outbreak Tour through North America, following the release of his debut album, Overload, and we are LOVING it! Last week, I got a chance to catch his set at the Van Buren in Phoenix.

The moment I first heard Overload, it became one of my instant favorites. From start to finish, each song is one you will find yourself listening to over and over again. These tracks are a prime mix of rock and EDM, truly a flawless blurring of genres. Kayzo has obviously taken his time with this album to polish it perfectly and he has accomplished just that. This album is so incredibly deserving of this tour run. Seeing some of these songs performed live had me rocking out!

With support artists such as Gammer, 4B, and Dubloadz joining him on this stop, the atmosphere buzzed with excitement, and this show differed from most because we were all there to see the entire lineup! Gammer set the night off with his fast-paced set that prepared for the mayhem. Dubloadz kept it going with his signature sounds and nasty drops. 4B leveled out the mood with the ideal set leading up to Kayzo. By the time Kayzo took the stage, we were exhausted, but so, so ready for what came next.

As smoke filled the stage and the lights went down, Kayzo took to the decks and immediately started his set out with the crazy, immersive sounds off of Overload. His unique style is so precisely fine-tuned and perfected that he can hit his us with insane remixes of classics (like Linkin Park’s “In the End”) and then transfer back to songs like “Overload” (seriously one of my favorites) all while just completely ripping it apart and keeping you head banging the entire time. Halfway through his set, he dropped the wildest remix of Papa Roach’s “Last Resort” and the crowd went absolutely bonkers. Paired with the epic venue that is the Van Buren, and Kayzo’s killer production team, it is safe to say that this show was easily one of the best I have been to in a long time. The venue, the lineup, the people, and the energy, were all on point! If the Monster Energy Outbreak Tour is coming through your city, get there!

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