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Interview: Chasing Pineapples with Perry Finley

by TerraNova.Lov3

Perry Finley…you may have seen him recently at a dance music festival… Donning a blue scarf over his head, a tank top, and legging style shorts…he would blend into just about any festival crowd…but…there is more to him, a lot more. Finding his way into dance music at Ultra Music Festival in 2012, it was a set by Steve Aoki who transformed a way of thinking and elicited a lifestyle change. How far would it go?….

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Well…like I said…there is more to Perry Finley…a lot more. As if to symbolize a beacon hope or an ode to mother nature, Perry holds a pineapple over his head for the duration of each music festival he attends…He has been spotted at Movement (Detroit, MI), Symbiosis Gathering (Oakdale, CA) and most recently at III Points (Miami, FL). Yes…he has been interviewed before (here), but I wanted to get to know the man on a deeper level and find out what his real motivation for carrying a pineapple was all about, and to my pleasant surprise, it has nothing to do with being famous.

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Photos courtesy Perry Finley.

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