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How Ya Feelin’ Bout Red Rocks Common Ground Anjunafam?

by Tigerlily

With only 8 days ’til I get to see Above & Beyond’s Common Ground tour at Red Rocks, I’ve been getting random spurts of overwhelming excitement.  And after talking to some of my friends and Anjunafamily it sounded like I wasn’t the only feeling like a kid the night before Christmas.  So I decided to let my furry friends voice their thoughts on the upcoming show.

Shauna & Kyle
Connor Janson Row 47
Walters Brothers
DJ Shane Stiel

What are your thoughts on Red Rocks as a venue?

Juan Antonio: The drive to the rocks is beautiful and builds up the anticipation.  Once you make the final turn, the view is surreal.  It feels as if a weight is lifted off your shoulders and everything in the world is good.  The surrounding gives you an idea of what you’re about to experience and multiplied by 10,000 people the atmosphere is pure excitement and euphoria.

Shauna Moys: Red Rocks is not like any other outdoor venue.  It’s in a league of its own.  Driving up to it the first time, I was overcome with emotion; my eyes welled up with tears and when we arrived, I had to take a moment to appreciate God’s incredible masterpiece.

Adam Stark: Red Rocks has this uncanny ability to make you feel significant in a crowd of 10,000 people. There is something about being in a like-minded crowd listening to your favorite music, with the entire western slope glimmering in the background. It’s an experience I’ve yet to find anywhere else.

Shane Stiel: With the rocks that shoot up to the sky, the view of the city looking east, and the sun setting over the mountains in the west, this venue is one of the most magical places on Earth.  Not to mention the acoustics are phenomenal and when the lasers start at night, well, hold on to your seats folks, it’s gonna be a rockin’ ride!

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What are you most looking forward to at Red Rocks Common Ground?

Matt Walters: Getting ~in the mix~ with my brothers Drew and Aaron.  Having lost our Mom at a young age, we relied on each other tremendously throughout childhood but drifted apart in our teens and twenties.  Now, we can’t wait to reunite and have found some Common Ground in the things we love.  Though scattered across the U.S., Anjuna often brings us back together; Spencer Brown and Grum for Drew’s bachelor party, ABGT250, and Lane8 in Madison.

Aaron Walters: Definitely most looking forward to the venue! It’ll be my first experience at Red Rocks and I’m excited to share it with my brothers. Also looking forward to Paavo rubbing his hands together; that’s a personal favorite.

Connor Jansen: I am most looking forward to meeting, in person, the amazing people I’ve connected with online via the Anjunafamily group. They really feel like a second family, and I can’t wait to jump, dance, smile and give lots of hugs!

Shane Stiel: I grew up about 10 minutes from the venue and I feel lucky to say that.  Back then it wasn’t quite as restricted as it is today and I used to climb and party all over those rocks as a rambunctious teenager.  I attended my first rave there in 1999 with Chemical Brothers and Fatboy Slim and I’m looking forward to reflecting on past memories and making new ones with Above & Beyond.

Kyle Moys: We are introducing a few of our friends to their first Above and Beyond show.  I can’t wait to see the look on our friend’s faces and the discussions that will follow!

Juan Antonio: I can’t wait to see the faces of all the first-timers standing in that incredible venue while listening to the boys (Above & Beyond) play.  We all remember our first time, but Red Rocks and Above & Beyond are a match made in heaven.

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Any hopes for the Red Rocks show, or particular songs you’d like them to play?

Shauna Moys: We renewed our vows in December on our 10 year anniversary and played We Are All We Need as we walked down the aisle. Our Anjunafamily was in attendance and our best friend Manny with whom we shared our first Above & Beyond show officiated, so we’re hoping to hear it at Red Rocks.

Juan Antonio:  I would love to just hear a snippet of Sirens of the Sea and I could die a happy man.

Adam Stark: What I’m most excited about are the sets that Fairchild and Mat Zo are going to play. It should be a well rounded night all around, but I’m betting that the support acts are going to hold it down.

Aaron Walters: I’d love to hear any of the Oceanlab club mixes! But if I had to pick one song from their discography it’s Black Room Boy.  Or maybe the Sun & Moon vs Once Lydian mashup?  Too many options…

Matt Walters: Have always wanted to hear On a Good Day live.  You could place a strong bet on tears.  And Only Road is a #certifiedbanger.

Shane Stiel: Who doesn’t want to hear Sun and Moon under the stars?  And with the release of Ilan Bluestone’s album “Scars,” I’d love to hear them Frozen Ground, Rival, or Let Me Know.

Connor Janson: I am, of course, hoping to hear Red Rocks! That song holds a very special place in my heart. It reminds me of the best night of my life.

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Which headliner are you most excited to see, and why?

Aaron Walters: Mat Zo as it’ll be my first time seeing him, and his sets seem extremely diverse.

Kyle Moys: Moon Boots cause his ABGT250 set was epic.  So many feels and I know it’ll blow everyone away at Red Rocks.

Adam Stark: I’ve been listening to A LOT of Fairchild recently and they’re easily the act I’m most excited to see. They have an interesting sound that’s deep and progressive, but still very much music that you would hear any proper warmup DJ play to set the tone for an amazing night.

Connor Janson: I’m most curious to see Mat Zo’s set as I’m familiar with his older music, but not so much his newer music.

Matt Walters: They’re all gonna bring a different vibe.  Can’t wait to see them all!

Shane Stiel: Moon Boots delivered a great set at ABGT250, and I don’t think this should be any different.  Is it May 19th yet?!?

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