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Oregon Eclipse 2017

Global Eclipse Gathering Line Up Phase Five of Seven Announced! Please Welcome SILK ROAD

by TerraNova.Lov3

Global Eclipse To Be Held August 17-23 2017 at Big Summit Prairie

On The Path of First North American Total Solar Eclipse Since 1979

A Singular Global Collaboration w/ Bass Coast, Envision, Noisily, Ometeotl, Origin, Rainbow Serpent, Re:birth, Symbiosis Gathering  & Universo Parallelo

The Sun is the center of our solar system and this stage features a central thread of the international psychedelic underground, a fitting way to start the roll-out of our 2017 artists. Many of the artists here are familiar to attendees of our international partners Hadra, Noisily, Ometeotl, Origin, Rainbow Serpent, Re:birth festival and of course your host festival Symbiosis Gathering.

While underground psychedelic music has been incrementally gaining momentum in the States, its been a powerful unifier of the multi-lingual and multi-cultural underground for many years, and a key component to our Gatherings.
Symbiosis has long been a supporter of this international movement. Since 2009, we have successfully petitioned over psychedelic 30 artists to come to the US for the first time. Many of these acts first looked at us like crazy americans with a big vision and holes in our head. Today, we are honored to call many friends and collaborators and Symbiosis is globally recognized as torchbearers of the psychedelic scene.
This will be the largest concentration of such music ever in the US. Now is not the time to be attached to nationalism nor cling to safety nets. Join us in the spaceship and let’s ride because this shiz is going to be COSMIC!
Join tHe gRaNd aRtiQue and Global Eclipse Gathering as we retrace these routes into Oregon! Enjoy hand selected world music, percussion, downtempo and immersive cultural performances. Stop and trade at the local artique bazaar. Sit in the shade and enjoy a relaxing sound bath.
Recharge your road weary bones with a visit to the naturopathic doctor or sip some of the finest gourmet teas from around the globe at the Tea Temple whatever you are searching for you can find it at the Silk Road!
Special thanks to Beloved Festival in their assistance in curating the musical moments!

Watch Oregon Eclipse 2017 Teaser Video: HERE



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