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Fresh Music: LTN & Arielle Maren “MOMENTUM” (Album) Out Now!

by TerraNova.Lov3

Nearly four years ago, Indonesian protege Louis Tan (aka LTN) and American songstress Arielle Maren were connected…through mutual acquaintances in the trance and progressive worlds to work on a remix and from that, a shared musical vision emerged. After Arielle lent her vocals to three tracks on LTN’s People I’ll Never Forget album, the two still had several unfinished tracks they couldn’t put aside. Those tracks soon turned into five, then ten, and now more than they can even count.

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After two years of collaboration from two very different parts of the world, the energy Arielle and LTN started comes full circle as a 13-track album of their own. Momentum is out today on Ruben de Ronde’s Statement! Recordings.

‘Momentum’ speaks to this dualistic nature of the world we live in, as we struggle to find the balance between fear & love, dark & light,” says Arielle. “Louis and I hope to remind people to stay focused on the good in life. Together, we can help one another to continue moving forwards & upwards.”

Each song on the album is teeming with personal reflections, harmonious magnificence and striking vocals, not conforming to one genre but to a spectrum of deep house, trance, and progressive house vibes. LTN and Arielle Maren’s drive and relentless teamwork give us an unforgettable listening experience that will never lose momentum.

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