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Festival Family Celebrates EDC LV 2018 Wedding

by Jennifer Fall

There are so many ways to love. EDC Las Vegas is a massive festival, full of love, new and old friendships, and once in a lifetime opportunities. This year, my EDC journey was for one reason only, the wedding of two of my best friends, who have become festival family over the past few years. Tim and Nate are such beautiful souls, and I knew when I met them that I had encountered a truly special couple. When Tim told me he was getting married at EDC Las Vegas I thought… you couldn’t do a less traditional wedding! I knew it would be one of the most incredible experiences to share in, and I couldn’t have been more correct.

Their wedding took place on Saturday, and after all of the commotion of arriving at the Speedway through shuttles Friday, my group and I chose to Uber to the Speedway early to avoid any issue of lateness. This turned out to not be an issue because we arrived within 20 minutes. (I was prepared for a 45-minute drive at least). My side of the family stayed at the Golden Nugget in Downtown Las Vegas for the event (their pool is superb) and the boys and best women stayed in the Campgrounds. I was unable to see the campgrounds, but from everyone’s perspective who camped, they were amazing…save for the time getting inside the VIP portion!

EDC Las Vegas 2018

EDC Las Vegas 2018 | Photo Courtesy Jennifer Fall

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Before meeting up with everyone, my girlfriend Jarilyn and I had a chance to walk around the grounds and take photos with literally no one around the stages. This was a once in a lifetime opportunity because as most of you who have been to EDC know, literally everything is a 30 minute or more line for a photo. We returned to Cosmic Meadow to have a pre-wedding drink, group photos, dinner… and were then ready for the wedding at 7:30.

EDC Las Vegas Wedding 2018

EDC Las Vegas Wedding 2018 | Photo Courtesy Jennifer Alexander

The officiant looked like someone straight out of a Sci-Fi movie, with a radio voice to match. I was chosen to be the flower girl, and Curls the ring bearer. Of course, Christopher would drop the ring right before the ceremony causing a moment of hilarity for everyone. Jilly and Farah walked down the aisle hand in hand and waited for the boys to walk down. The vows were uniquely EDC. PLUR was mentioned, and there was literally not ONE DRY EYE in the house. I have never seen Nate and Tim happier. It was a truly magical moment, one I will cherish witnessing forever.

EDC Las Vegas Wedding 2018

EDC Las Vegas Wedding 2018 | Photo Courtesy Jennifer Fall

You can’t get married at EDC without hitting a set afterward… so we chose Chris Lake, who ironically is the one act we all saw together at our first Ultra together. How fortuitous. His set was phenomenal as always and was the only set we saw at Kinetic Field. Kinetic Field was a beautiful sight to behold this year, and the photos I took to not do it justice.

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EDC Las Vegas 2018 Wedding

EDC Las Vegas 2018 Wedding | Photo Courtesy Jennifer Fall

A wise client of mine told me something that has always stuck with me after all these years: “Never miss a wedding or a funeral.” I am so glad I was able to share in the magic of this special day for my fest family all together under the electric sky. Congratulations Nate and Tim! May your marriage be infinitely blessed with all the PLUR!!!


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