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Feeling Extra Fine for EDC Mexico

by Jennifer Fall

EDC Mexico, I am coming for you!

I’ve been a dancer since I was 3 years old. Ballet, Tap, Jazz, Ballroom… you name it, I have mastered it. Professional dancing aside, I have never had an issue finding my unique groove at any festival. Although I still have yet to master the shuffle, (someone please teach me!) I enjoy festivals so much for the ability to let loose and dance my heart out.

Along with professional dancing, comes professional costumes. I’ve been bejeweling dance costumes for as long as I can remember.  There is nothing that I have longed for more over my life than anything that glitters, sparkles, and obviously has that “high fashion look.” When I planned my trip to EDC Mexico I was immediately told that this wasn’t a “typical EDC” as far as fashion goes. Well, guys, no fucks given here! I am going completely extra to EDC Mexico. I may be sticking out like a well dressed sore thumb, but I can’t even imagine an Insomniac event without a well-planned outfit. For me, that is half of the fun of an event. Planning my costumes weeks in advance. I honestly don’t even want to know what I have spent on “festival attire.” My closet has an entire rack devoted to it, and if that makes me super extra… then I can live with that.

The lineup for EDC Mexico has something for everyone, especially for you trance lovers out there. What festival could be more exciting and filled with the world-famous vibes that Insomniac events are well known for? Take a look below at how blessed we lucky headliners are about to be.

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I foresee a lot of stage bouncing in my future. This lineup is so phenomenal I can hardly contain my excitement! How they have managed to fit so many absolutely stellar talents in the span of two days is beyond me. I am more than ready for my third Insomniac event. I’m looking forward to meeting all you wonderful people there! I definitely won’t be hard to spot in the crowd!


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