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Fairchild “Titan” EP (Arkade) Out Now.

by TerraNova.Lov3
Fairchild “Titan” EP (Arkade) Out Now.

Fairchild’s “Titan” EP uses icy soundscapes bristling with trance synths and house rhythms to evoke feelings of both unease and euphoria often within the same space. It’s this sort of cinematic unpredictability that defines the classically trained anonymous producer who’s bringing a film score sensibility a la Drive and Blade Runner to the dance floor.

Releasing two new tracks for Arkade Records, “Titan” & “Remnants” and both in the seven-minute range, he sets a journey in motion propelled by sonic futurism and timeless musical architecture.

A man of few words and a distant obscured binary image, he’s just started the Progressions Mix series on Soundcloud & recently released the Evergreen EP via NuIdeals. Listeners can take a step deep into his world with “Titan” & “Remnants” now.

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