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by TerraNova.Lov3

Lucidity Festival is returning to Live Oak Campground in the Santa Ynez mountains for its sixth year. While many are wondering what’s in store for the future of the festival, producers are hard at work planning an epic finale: a special celebration filled with music, workshops, community connection, yoga, art, local food and education.

Back in 2012, Lucidity launched with an innovative idea: a six-year story arc that followed the path of The Hero’s Journey, as envisioned by mythologist Joseph Campbell. The idea clearly resonated, with the first year selling out of tickets and forcing producers to turn people away at the gate. Each year since has seen a sold-out festival, with many attendees returning year-after-year.

Now, in its sixth year, the community arrives on the theme of Eudaimonia, a concept borrowed from Greek philosophy. Alison Hensley, Lucidity’s Food and Sustainability Department Head, says that Eudaimonia is a multi-faceted concept: “the good composed of all goods. An ability which suffices for living well. Perfection in respect of virtue. Resources sufficient for a living creature.”

Despite the strong vision for its final year, Lucidity faces a conundrum as unique as its story-driven festival concept: what to do now that the story arc is closing?

“What lies beyond Eudaimonia is still unclear, even to us,” says Jonah Haas, Marketing Director of Lucidity Festival LLC. “We’re considering writing chapters 7 through 12. We’re considering moving to a different location. One option is even to end on a high note and close the book on the festival. The authentic truth is, we just don’t know yet.”

Another major development is the continued market penetration of the Lucid University initiative. Over the last three seasons, Lucidity has carved out a reputation for innovation in festival education programming. What started as a three-day on-site permaculture intensive has blossomed into a full-time, year-round campus in Southern Oregon dedicated to Lucid University’s Ecologyworks and Communityworks tracks.

In 2017, festival participants will again be able to sample some of the Lucid University offerings by attending three days of intensive classes. This year’s LU Courseweek curriculum includes Dream Council, Regenerative Community Building, Ayurvedic Herbalism, Building with Bamboo, Creating Your Personal Mythology, and Ecstatic Flow Arts.

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