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Yoga Journal seeks Transformation at Envision Festival

by TerraNova.Lov3

Looking for an unforgettable yoga getaway? Costa Rica’s Envision Festival aims to transcend the standard yoga event experience and deepen connections to nature, community, and your higher self.

The Envision Festival is a 4-day eco-conscious event, aiming to awaken the self, celebrate different cultures, and creatively inspire through yoga, art, and music. In its fourth year, the festival is expecting to host 7,000 people from around the globe this month. As locations go, you could do worse than Rancho La Merced in Uvita, Costa Rica. The farm sits on the edge of a lush rainforest and the Pacific Ocean.

Envision Costa Rica

Envision Costa Rica

“A large aspect of the festival is based on creating conscious communities that help people awaken to their highest potential,”  – Ashleigh Sergeant, the festival’s Yoga and Movement Manager.

If the yoga, meditation, and educational sessions with world-renowned teachers, including Sianna Sherman, Amber Ryan, and Kevin Courtney in every style from Kundalini to Acroyoga, aren’t enough, there’s live music late into the night as well as the surf and stunning views of the pristine Playa Hermosa, just a 2-minute walk away.


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You can camp with your own tent on the Rancho La Merced grounds or splurge for the festival’s high-end experience, the Shanti Town Yoga Camp, which offers VIP bungalows and tree houses in a secluded and substance-free zone. The package offers space for a personal practice, a juice and smoothie bar, guided sunrise meditation sessions, and bodywork.

Envision Costa Rica

Envision Costa Rica

The Envision Festival prides itself on being an eco-conscious, progressive gathering with a “leave no trace” policy. Participants are expected to bring their own water bottles and are given reusable plates and utensils during their time on site. “Everything on the property is built to enhance the wildlife and the nature there and create more sustainable ways to live on the land,” Sergeant says. “Everything we do is with mindfulness and regenerative sustainable permaculture.”

The Envision Festival’s aim is to facilitate transformation by fostering a community that is open to everyone, looking to make the world a better place, and honoring art and movement. “By giving people an experience that they’ve never had before—that they’ll never forget—hopefully [we’ll be] empowering people to go out and change the world,” Sergeant says.

Event at a Glance


Envision Four-day yoga and music festival


February 23–26, 2017


Rancho La Merced
34, Puntarenas Province, Costa Rica


$333 for general admission; $678 for VIP admission; from $1395 for VIP + Camping Packages


Images: Biane Bartos

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