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Music Festivals - March 14, 2019

Electric Forest 2019 | Adds Fuel to the Fire | Amtrac, Opiuo, and more… [Playlist]



Electric Forest adds Amtrac, Opiuo, SNBRN and more... WHOA! Let's not play with flames and start a forest fire!

Electric Forest has done it again. Dissatisfied with the list of talent they dropped on us back in December, they’ve added fuel to the fire. From stellar well-known names like Amtrac, Opiuo, and SNBRN, to lesser-known acts like Govinda, Loadstar, and Escapade (Walker & Royce + Ardalan), plus a lot of indie rock and folk, there will be something for everyone. Careful there Electric Forest, I like playing with fire as much as the next person, but let’s not set the forest ablaze! Don’t take my word for it; listen to the playlist and let the music do the talking.

Electric Forest 2019 Lineup Addition with Amtrac, Escapade, Opiuo, Loadstar, SNBRN, Govinda.
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*Featured Image Via Meg Ryan of Hatchery 17*