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Fresh Music - Listen - News - November 21, 2018

Dope New Music | Icarus: Man Of The Land feat. Real Lies

2nd Single From Their Forthcoming EP: This Must Be The Place – out November 30th

Ripe on the streaming platforms Icarus brings us a hot new track titled “Man of the Land” featuring Real Lies. This handsome new track is ready to make its way into the ears of all lovers of house music. The classic bouncy bassline has a slight spooky feel that’s brought on by the mystifying piano and guitar riffs. The seductive vocal chants make this one an easy listen with their enticing tones that almost whisper in your ear. This combination of Icarus and the Real Lies trio make for a beautifully crafted song that’s ready light up the nightclubs.

After the release of their latest track “Echoes” it’s said that both of these songs will appear in the upcoming release of Icarus’ new “This Must Be The Place” EP following November 30th. After the earlier release in the year of the “In the Dark” EP you can expect even more in this next one as Icarus alludes a darker side of their sound and character in these single releases.

Don’t miss out on this captivating new track and be sure to keep a lookout this November for the new EP release creeping up in November hitting the streaming platforms!

Listen to the song HERE