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DJ/producer duo HBz talk new single Rumble in the Jungle, festival memories and upcoming album

by Guest Contributor

Spanning an impressive music career over a decade, hardstyle/bounce duo HBz have collaborated with some of the most exciting names in dance music including Helene Fischer, VIZE, Harris & Ford and more. Feisty 2021 dance anthem ‘King Kong’ rocketed to over 51 million streams and counting, making it one of their most successful releases to date. Now, HBz have called on previous collaborator and multi-platinum artist Jebroer, as well as rising producer DJ Blackbeard, to bring an untameable dancefloor energy to new single ‘Rumble in the Jungle.’ We caught up with Nils and Niklas of HBz to get the full scope.

Thanks for joining us HBz! Can you give us a quick introduction? 

We are Nils and Niklas aka HBz and we are German DJs and producers.  We’ve known each other since we were kids and have been making music together for over 10 years. For just as long we’ve been on stage together. 

You’ve been producing and performing as HBz for over 10 years now, what have been the most prominent changes you’ve seen take place in the music industry? 

The first thing that comes to mind is Spotify. This platform has fundamentally changed the music landscape, the way music is consumed and produced. 

Of course, more recently, services like TikTok have also had a huge impact on the music industry. Major labels and distributors are increasingly losing importance. Bringing music to the listener is easier than ever before. 

What changes would you still like to see take place?  

We simply hope that the music itself will continue to be full of innovations and new ideas and wish to make our contribution to this. At the same time, we believe that TikTok, but also other platforms, will continue to fundamentally change the music industry. 

Tell us about your latest single ‘Rumble in The Jungle.’ What was the production process like creating this track? 

Somewhere during a session we only heard the vocal hook and immediately had an idea in our heads of what the song should sound like. Above all we straight away had a name in our heads: Jebroer – the perfect artist for this song. He then went on, wrote his parts and did a vocal recording that we loved. 

Have you played the new single live yet? What was the reaction? 

The song has a great energy and works great live, but as with every new release, we also realise that it always takes our fans a few weeks to get to know a song. Nonetheless it is awesome to watch the progress of a new song to get well known over time. 

You have a run of shows across Germany and Austria for the remainder of the year. How would you describe a HBz live set? 

It’s more a live performance than it is a classic DJ live set. We use the stage a lot and try to connect strongly with the audience. 

Our sets are influenced by the most diverse genres and use samples and songs from different times of the recent music history. This way the audience never knows what to expect next. 

You’ve hit up some crazy festival stages from Lollapalooza to Parookaville. What’s your wildest festival memory? 

This year was just unbelievable and we’re still digesting this amazing summer of festivals. A highlight was definitely when we were surprised with our first two golden records at the Lollapalooza in the completely filled Olympic Stadium in Berlin, but the small moments and encounters beyond the big stages also remain in our memories and in our hearts. We are just so deeply thankful and touched by all this love and kindness we were allowed to experience this year. 

When you’re not on tour or in the studio, how do you like to spend your time? 

Nils: Niklas spends a lot of time doing sports. I should do that too, but I get my training on stage (laughs). Actually, apart from working in the studio, all the press and video shootings and all the traveling while on tour, there hasn’t been that much time for anything else this year. In January we’ll take a four-week break from touring and I’m already curious how that will feel. I can’t wait to catch up with all my friends that I haven’t seen much over the past months. 

What legacy do you hope HBz will leave? 

Niklas: I think we are too humble to claim to leave a legacy. We want to reach as many people as possible with our music and thereby make their lives a little bit better. If we succeed, then we will be more than satisfied and grateful. 

2023 is just around the corner, what are the plans for HBz in the new year? 

2023 is going to be crazy. We start with a little tour break in January, but the rest of the year will be wild. Our album “Schmuggelware” (“Contraband”) is coming out in spring, probably in May, and we’re already working on numerous songs, collabs and other projects. You will also see us live again. We are very pleased that we have already received numerous confirmations for major festivals. We are already looking forward to summer, the year as a whole and all the surprises and twists it will have in store for us. 

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