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DirtyBird Campout East | Day One Treasures (Recap) + Possible Shutdown?

by Jennifer Fall

Hey Dirtybirds! 

As this is the inaugural edition for Dirtybird Campout East coast, my friends and I were overly excited to drive from Palm Bay to Forever Florida. Upon arrival, we were told to pick up our wristbands and head to camp. After feeling literally everything shift in the RV on the bumpy road, we found a place to set up our massive campsite. (Look for the Aussie flag and you have found us).

Once we set up camp I was blessed to find a ride to the box office from the truly magical individual Johnathan. (Would not have been an enjoyable walk). We chatted about his experiences at Burning Man and Lightning in a Bottle. Both fests that he assured me should absolutely make my bucket list. Duly noted Jonathan! We even saw a gator on the way that he was kind enough to point out.

We perused the Merch (I went a bit overboard). I am now the proud walking advertisement for Dirty Bird. After our shopping spree, something truly magical occurred. You never know who you will meet at a festival, but to be honest I was not prepared for this legend. I met the founder of Dance Safe. A wonderful harm reduction agency that encourages safe festing. I had been waiting to meet this gentleman for over 15 years. I was blown away by his modesty and candor about what he has built. His friend Amy who founded Amy Raves also discussed her time in the late 80s and early 90’s of attending underground warehouse parties before they were dubbed the name “raves.”

The Dirtybird stages are beautiful. Minimal with a very underground vibe, couple that with the stellar quality of music, no overproduction necessary here. The sound system is phenomenal.

I was most excited for Claude. I even did my makeup for him. On the way in I saw more glitter, sequins, and light up outfits that were truly unique. Nothing generic. The crowd is electric. I met a couple who made hats with rotating disco balls that light up. There are some phenomenal totems that unlike EDC festivals do not block the view of the stage.

Under a damn near full moon, Claude dropped I Work Hard for This and I instantly remembered why I work so hard to accomplish my festing and personal goals.

Seth Troxler had a fabulous middle of his set. Everything else was just ok. I expected more, but to be honest I think the dirty bird DJ chose last night to go hard. I look forward to seeing him giving a more resilient mix later on in the fest. Nobody but myself seemed to notice. The crowd was on fire and loved every minute of it.

We found the renegade stage and watched a fantastic set by DJ Mass Appeal from Indianapolis. I hate to admit this but I rarely go out in my own city. Note to self, make his next local set. Then a miracle occurred. A beautiful and bad ass female DJ appeared and tore the decks up like no one I have ever seen. Faren took control of those decks and bumped it out until the stage got shut down around 4 A.M. for quiet hours. No wonder they both got the most votes for a West Coast Dirty Bird competition. It was arguably my favorite set of the night. Mija and

Dirtybird Provide Two Hours of Glory Following Her Fk A Genre Takeover at Dirtybird Campout West 2017

By two hours into day one, the port-a-potties were already destroyed. Note to self… next time bring she wee. I lost a onesie to the cause. Not a huge loss. Thankfully I brought two. Definitely, a necessity along with extra blankets because good lord it was chilly AF last night. Come prepared if you are heading in today.

Dirty birds are starting early… but please remember to leave no trace. The inner earth child in me was cleanup crew party of one last night. The cleaner we keep our campgrounds and event sites, the more likely we will be blessed with a second edition.

I’m stoked to see what official day 1 has in store for us. My boy Dj Tennis is tonight. I better get a good nap after the minimal amount of sleep I have had because I’m not missing that final set! Camping is a bit rough for me… but my vibe is strong. See you on the dance floor dirtybirds!

Breaking Update: 


This story is developing as reported from our contributors on the site.

Via youredm.com

Various reports from campers in the area and an official tweet from Dirtybird Campout confirm that the gates are currently closed, with no explanation given. The official @DirtybirdCamp Twitter account has been replying to people frustrated and angry with the situation, clearly distraught with the unexpected turn of events, only able to say, “We’re working on getting you more info.”

After a series of noise complaints last night, we have been told to close the gates and no one is being allowed in until further notice. We are working with the local officials to try and resolve the issue.

Dirtybird is undoubtedly frantically trying to resolve the situation, but it doesn’t seem good for campers. We’ll keep you updated as more announcements come in.

The lineup for Campout East featured Roni Size, Eprom, Claptone, Claude VonStroke, Mija, Will Clarke and more.

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