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dirty bird campout

Dirty Bird Campout | I’m ready to get Dirty

by Jennifer Fall

You don’t know me well. We have only just met. I’m the type of person who dreams about attending Burning Man for only one day, so she can go back to a nice Holiday Inn. (Pathetic, isn’t it?) I know I have said in the past that my idea of camping is a 2-star hotel. I have preached this for more years than I can count, yet then came the absolute realization that camping is not only a necessity for festing, but also one of the most idealistic ways to acquire the full experience. My camping chops are extremely limited. Amazingly, I have two camping festivals under my belt, and to be completely honest, I had half considered never “roughing it” again. I’ve glamped, and I have done the primitive thing. Never was my cup of tea. I am forgoing all of my bougie nature yet again for the event I honestly am most excited for this festival season: Dirty Bird East Coast Campout. Normally seeing “campout” in the name of a festival is enough to send me seriously running for the hills, but I can’t shake the serious fomo for this event. After all, father Claude and his Dirty Birds have reawakened my deep love for house and techno music.

Dirtybird Announces East Coast Campout in Florida

The lineup is a complete gem from start to finish. There is something for everyone, from true house and techno fans, to even old school Drum N Bass fans! I’m still salivating over the announcement of Roni Size and LTJ Bukem featuring MC Armanni! I’m already trying to figure out how I will handle the immense amount of set conflicts, and still have enough time to hopefully hit that roller skating rink in the campgrounds!

Without further ado, here are my top 5 choices of not to be missed sets for Dirty Bird East Coast Campout.

Roni Size

I had the very difficult choice between Roni Size and Nine Inch Nails at Day for Night recently in December. I chose Nine Inch Nails, but it almost killed me to know one of my favorite Drum N Bass Dj’s was playing literally feet away. I will NOT be missing this set this time! If you love Drum N Bass, I highly suggest checking him out. I promise you will not be disappointed.

DJ Tennis

I walked into his set completely by accident at Day for Night. I was absolutely BLOWN AWAY. The energy this gentleman brings is unparalleled. I had not felt energy like this in years. He’s also a Burning Man alumn, so you know this set will be absolute fire.

J Phlip

For those of you out there who are following the amazing women in music, this girl should be at the top of your list. I have had the immense pleasure of seeing her twice now, and she can cater a set to the crowd that will literally melt your heart. Versatile and exciting, I’m really hoping she will be the next cult following.

Walker And Royce

I messed up big time and missed out when they came to Indianapolis. Face Palm moment. These two have such a cult following on social media, that I know the saying “Don’t miss Walker and Royce” must be true. They are some of the only Dirty Birds I have yet to see, so I will definitely not be missing this set!

Get Real

Obviously! No need for much explanation here! I have never had the chance to see Green Velvet and Claude together. This is my absolute not to be missed set of the festival. I have a feeling everyone else will be there with me.


I don’t think I have been this excited about a festival for some time! Sounds like this camping thing might be really growing on me.

Claude Von Stroke Announces Insane Phase 2 for Dirtybird Campout East Coast

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