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Imagine Music Festival 2018

Decoding the Imagine Music Festival Lineup | Fresh Music Freaks Curated Playlist

by Jennifer Fall

When you have to wait a while for your next festival, you tend to appreciate them so much more. To be honest, I haven’t felt this stoked for a lineup this year, with the exception of Ultra. Imagine Music Festival held at the Atlanta Motor Speedway is back for its 5th anniversary, and believe me when I say… the lineup is absolutely phenomenal. 

It has been one month since my last festival, and waiting this long in between makes me feel even more real anticipation for this event. Seriously, is it September yet? I attended last year and felt the festival showed some real promise to become a heavy hitter for East Coast EDM because the lineup is curated to have something for literally everyone.

I’ve taken some time to create a playlist to help educate those who wish to learn more about some of the hidden gems on this lineup, as well as the headliners. Check it out below, and take a look at my personal top picks.

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Shpongle: The big surprise on the lineup for me personally, had to be Shpongle (Dj Simon Posford, or as some of us remember him, Hallucinogen). I have never had the pleasure to see this old school amazing producer, who honestly should get credit for bringing Psy-Trance into existence. I certainly hope you are ready to get Twisted, I have lost count how many times I have actually listened to that particular album. If you enjoy Psy-Trance or it’s derivatives, definitely swing through and give him the credit he is due.

Paul Oakenfold: For all us old school die hard Trance fans, everyone’s favorite Uncle Oakenfold is billed this year. In my personal opinion, he had the best set for ASOT on Sunday at Ultra. For me to say that, is huge. I can’t remember a time I watched him play more strongly. I’ll be so happy to see his set at the Aeria Stage.

Armin Van Burren: After his ASOT set in Miami and his set at UNTOLD, I am hoping for something comparable from the reigning king of Trance. I typically stray from the Main Stage, but I plan to give my bow to the king as per usual. I’m hoping he doesn’t clash timeslots with my faves, Gabriel and Dresden. 

Ivy Lab: I really wish I had an epic description for this particular trio who is not quite downtempo, not quite entirely DNB… sort of fringe artist. All I can honestly say is that to me, they are huge up and comers, and I am stoked I finally get to see them.

Black Sun Empire: Yes, please! Are you kidding me, Drum n Bass in your face! I’m as excited to see them as I was for Planet of the Drums last year. This is my redo from missing them last year. Imagine’s DNB lineup is always just phenomenal. DJ Dara is also doing his final tour set, along with Noisia. Just stellar. I’m absolutely impressed.

Wax Motif: All you Shipfam, def don’t miss this. He is Gary approved. Get ready for some of the most banging G House you have ever heard. I love me some Night Bass, and so I definitely will not be missing this set.

Zhu: The saddest moment of my Electric Forest was tearing myself away from his absolutely stunning set to hit space mom (Rezz). This is my redo. He is so much more than “Faded” it is not even funny. If you like Porter, or Virtual Self and want something with a little more culture, I highly recommend staying for his set in its entirety. I personally consider him a literal genius.

Green Velvet: He is presenting La La Land. Enough Said. Just freaking walk around like you’re bigger than Prince already. If you miss this set, we can’t be friends. If you know who Cajmere is (without consulting Google), you can even dance with me at the rail.

Walker & Royce: Dirtybird’s rejoice because everyone’s favorite duo is on the lineup. Beam me up Scotty, and Take me to your Leader. I’m freaking ready for round two with the dynamic duo.

Oliver Heldens: He is presenting what I would presume to be a personal Helldeep set and having witnessed this at another festival, I def would recommend for all you mainstream House heads out there. Kaskade is also headlining, so this will be a difficult choice between these two if they happen to overlap.

Jai Wolf: This will be my first time seeing him if timeslots allow, and I’ll admit I’m a newbie to his music. Saccharine, yet satisfying. I had to put something on here for the youngins. This would be my pick. Which brings me to the next new to me artists…

The Glitch Mob: I have heard such amazing things from my friends who have had the opportunity to see them play their recent tour. If they bring “The Blade 2.0” the production will be stellar. I definitely plan to swing through for this one just to witness it for myself.

Bassnectar: If he takes us to Bass-Church I’ll be impressed, although, I expect my whole body to vibrate this time. You hear me Lorin? This will be my fourth time with you, and since Red Rocks is no longer an option… let’s break the sound barrier.  Take me back to 2003 please, and I’ll be forever yours, no pinecone necessary. I’ll be in the back, because we all know the rail will be campgrounds as soon as the gates open on day 3.

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I would love to hear from you and what your personal favorites are on the lineup. Tickets are still available here, and they are going fast. As of this afternoon, camping was 70 percent at capacity, so grab your tickets ASAP. Fresh Music Freaks is also having a giveaway for tickets, so try your luck below! We look forward to dancing with you in September for the 5th Anniversary of the Aquatic Fairy-tale that is Imagine!

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