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Decadence Arizona 2018

Decadence Arizona 2018 | Day One Recap [Top 10 Photos]

by Taylor Morgan & Joshua Andrews

The first day of Arizona Decadence has come to an end, and as we prepare ourselves for day two, we have a few of our favorite photos from that beautiful night. With one of the most insane lineups the Southwest has ever seen (and that says a lot, considering how many ridiculous parties Relentless Beats throws for us) Arizona Decadence blew our minds. From the music to the people, to the artists we encountered, the vendors, and just the sheer amount of space to move around and meet up with friends, everything proved to be the best we have ever seen at this venue.


Decadence Arizona 2018 | Photo Via Joshua Andrews
Decadence Arizona 2018 | Photo Via Joshua Andrews

San Holo’s rainbowed, happy-go-lucky set left smiles on everyone’s faces.


Beautiful attendees adorned truly decadent costumes complete with gems, jewels, and all of the sparkles.


Blossom, the wonderful pink-haired DJ and producer everyone in Arizona absolutely adores, opened the main stage and fans were loving it.


Blue skies and green grass, despite chilly weather, made for a great atmosphere. And the cold didn’t hinder attendees in donning crazy outfits, either!


Ok, so we hate to post two photos of the same artist in one recap, but San Holo was so glorious and his live performance made the huge tent stage feel like an intimate, feelsy experience.


GG Magree is always dope. But giving her a hug right before her set, and having a quick conversation, which you can read here, just made it all better. She has some of the best collabs out there today.


The crowd. At times it was rough, but with such huge names, you have to expect everyone wanting to be at the same place at the same time. But overall, we felt nothing but love and warmth from our fellow ravers.


The vendors and fans kept us entertained all day and night. We traded kandi and laughed with everyone around us.


REZZ. I mean, what else were you expecting from this team?! Our favorite Space Mom abducted us by the thousands last night. If you were in the Cult Meetup pic, check back for that to be posted later this week!


Although maybe not the best pic from the day (yay reflective jackets), definitely the best moment from the day. We love you, Rezz and team. Arizona Decadence and Relentless Beats are truly offering fans a surreal, immersive experience!

See you in a few, Freaks! Who are you most looking forward to on day two?

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