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Ubbi Dubbi Zeds Dead

DeadBeats Killed It | Here’s Pictures to Prove It

by Zho Visuals

Zeds Dead, Nero, Kai Wachi & More Artists Who Destroyed Seattle 

I finally made it to DeadBeats tour by Zeds Dead, and it was worth the wait.  The lineup consisted of Chuurch, Krane, Kai Wachi, Nero (Dj set) and Zeds Dead and each set literally topped the next, it was amazing.

Great transitions, wide array of genres & mesmerizing visuals.

That is what Deadbeats 2018 consisted of.

Upon stepping out of the car and immediately hear the boom of the bass, after waiting in the always-too-long line & getting hyped up from the vibe of all the bass heads, I finally made it inside. Nero was just starting his set, playing dark skies as I headed into the crowd, it was the perfect vibe from his opening song. Normally it seems there’s a theme to shows I attend; a momentum or beat that is consistent, but this show was far from that.

I heard about 10 different genres from alternative songs I used to blast in my car on the way to high school, music I was forced to listen to by my parents, to current music that I hadn’t heard yet & everything else in between. The diversity of songs played throughout the night was a perfect match for this Seattle crowd, from both performances by Nero & Zeds Dead.

Nero’s color choice for the majority of the night was red, and did a damn good job of bringing so much life to one color, especially during Lullaby. The visuals skyrocketed from there, almost trancelike at times. They played quite a bit of their older music (plus mixed in a little Skrillex), it was a nice change of pace & kept the crowd excited and on their toes.

Nero at DeadBeats Seattle
Photo by | Zho Visuals

Then it was finally time for Zeds Dead. I love watching their shows, they are extremely interactive with the crowd & share’s a story. They came out with a bang – In The Beginning with wubs and smoke flying out of the stage. I was melting instantly. The grimy music was too good. I look around as the arena fills with smoke, the crowd is going insane. 

Zeds Deads performance was aimed to be a heavier dubstep step, however, still incorporated artists like Dido, Dirty Monkey, Oliver Heldens, Borgore, Quix & too many more to name. How they manage to sync all those artists, their own music, plus collaborations with other artists so smoothly never ceases to amaze me. Regardless of what song was playing, whether it be funky, groovy moments or heavy, head banging moments, I was always movin’ my feet or shakin’ my booty.

Zeds Dead at DeadBeats Seattle
Photo by | Zho Visuals

I’ve been to plenty of shows that have had rough transitions when mixing different types of music together but Nero and Zeds Dead both did an exquisite job. Each song had purpose; when they would start or end, it was perfect. It made me realize how much that can make or break a show.

Overall, successful Dead Beats 2018. Cant wait for next year!
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Words | Brittney Long
Photos | Zho Visuals 

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