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Dance Like A ‘Diva’ And Fly Like A ‘Butterfly’ To This Week’s New Music | Fresh Music Friday

by Guest Contributor

Mario Più – ‘The Vision (Talla 2XLC Remix)’

Technoclub Retro returns with Talla 2XLC’s remix of Mario Piu’s tech trance anthem, ‘The Vision’ — released originally in 2000. This track features solid, pumping, driving, exciting and energetic kicks, full-on basslines and superb, synthy layers which create mayhem on the dancefloor. The breakdown slowly reveals all the goodness of the sensitive melodies, warm atmosphere and feel-good hooks. The very well-known vocal is present and creates waves of nostalgia bringing the track to the highly powerful climax with that unique Mediterranean, summery melody that captivates and ignites you on the dancefloor. 

Rank 1 – ‘Symsonic (Deluxe)’

To mark the 20th anniversary of its release, across streaming, download and – for the first time – vinyl, Rank 1 are delighted to bring fans the definitive version of ‘Symsonic’. This release will bring the criterion edition which features all the original versions of the album’s time-tested classics. Digital formats meanwhile will also carry a disc’s worth of the best known and most celebrated remixes of their work, from artists like Cosmic Gate, Ferry Corsten, Push, ATB and Marco V.

Rezz – ‘Nightmare On Rezz Street 2’

Pioneering the dark, genre-bending sound that will be HypnoVizion’s signature, Rezz has unearthed 12 of her most chilling unreleased instrumentals to soundtrack the Halloween season with ‘Nightmare On Rezz Street 2’. 

Tom Staar x Kryder – ‘GROOVE FM PT. 1’

The first three-track pack to feature in the ‘Maladroids’ game, Tom Staar and Kryder’sGROOVE FM, Pt. 1’ will wreak havoc in any digital or physical club space. Including the previously released ‘Aquaplane’ and ‘Pineapples’ as well as a blistering new addition in the form of ‘Techno Tennis’, this inaugural part makes for one hell of a soundtrack.

French Braids – ‘Phases’

“‘Phases’ is a collection of songs, each with a different artist, with a different sonic palette and written during a different time in my life. Some songs were written during the pandemic alone in a cottage, others during breakups or during fun writing trips in L.A. They all stem from different phases of my life, which led to a tapestry of emotions and sounds. That’s what inspired the title.”

French Braids

Plastic Robots – ‘Nightmares’

A dark and twisted two-track project, Plastic Robots’Nightmares’ EP arrives just in time for spooky season.

Salvatore Ganacci – ‘Take Me To America’

Enigmatic artist Salvatore Ganacci has unveiled plans for a brand-new album, ‘Culturally Appropriate’, and dropped new single ‘Take Me To America’, on MDLBEAST Records. Ganacci’s darkly funny storytelling unfolds in a surrealist tale that holds personal significance to Ganacci, who hails from Bosnia. 

Ben Hemsley – ‘Erase Me (Creamfields Sunset Mix)’

A staple artist in the U.K. dance scene, Ben Hemsley hits Armada Music with a profound, nostalgia-infused summer anthem. Embellished with Balearically inclined vocals, sun-kissed melodies and nudges to pre-2000s trance, ‘Erase Me’ sets the mood just right for any sort of summertime party.

RayRay x JVNA – ‘Butterfly’

“One of my favorite songs on the album. It’s definitely a unique combination between me and JVNA. I’ve wanted to work with her for a very long time. She is such an inspiring person. It’s very interesting and fun to blend her airy music sound with my hard trap elements together. We started making this song in July 2021 last year and actually came up with the vocals first. Be strong and brave, and eventually, you will be like a butterfly emerging from the cocoon. This is also the experience we have been learning as artists. Life isn’t a bed of roses, and there are a lot of obstacles. However, as long as you pull it through, you will become a beautiful ‘Butterfly’. It’s also a tribute to our friends and fans in Taiwan and Asia.”


Princess Nokia – ‘Diva (Ninajirachi Remix)’

Princess Nokia’sDiva’ receives an injection of driving bass and a rattling, club-ready tempo in the energetic new remix from Australian producer Ninajirachi. With lyrics celebrating femininity and empowerment, ‘Diva’ is an anthem from Princess Nokia that is amplified by the hyperpop instincts of Ninajirachi.

Pablo Nouvelle – ‘Vulnerability [Album]’

An fourteen-track album steeped in heartfelt emotion, Pablo Nouvelle’s Vulnerability’ hits the sweet spot between powerful dance tracks and songs that stir. Tailored to a club setting whilst championing its sound’s sensuality, the album contains a variety of hymns for listeners to resonate with, from the mental health geared title track to compositions such as ‘Somos Solo Cuerpos’ (I and II), the uplifting ‘You Make My Days Better’ and the evocative ‘La Sensación Es Real’. Pablo Nouvelle has always been one to touch people’s hearts with music, and this eighth studio album sees him do just that in extraordinary fashion.

Polar Inc. – ‘Eames’

South African producer Polar Inc. hits Armada Music with ‘Eames’. Fusing graceful chords with subtle grooves and sensuous plucks that exude melodic brilliance, this first single from his upcoming five-track EP is a start-to-finish treat to the senses.

Moullinex – ‘A Fistful Of Stars’

Moullinex makes his debut on Crosstown Rebels with a three-track EP titled ‘A Fistful of Stars’. The release highlights the multi-dynamic approach of the artist, who blends enchanting electronic melodies with club-orientated moods. Fascinated by the solar system, Moullinex’s music conveys cosmic feels and radiant energy, perfect for an open-minded dancefloor.

Tim Green – ‘Eastbound Silhouette’

“I’m extremely excited to have this release come out, what I think of as a Mini-album [‘Eastbound Silhouette’]! Six tracks which I hope take the listener on a mini journey! Some dance floor, some more home listening. But it’s an honour to be back on All Day I Dream, a place I call home and my family.”

Tim Green

Fireberg – ‘Call of the Phoenix’

Celebrating the launch of his Mishbaka label, Fireberg delivers ‘Call of the Phoenix’, featuring three tracks touching on transformation and renewal. Like the myth referenced in the title, each track is reincarnated as traditional radio edits or remixed into new evolutions.

THEMBA feat. Shina Williams and his African Percussionists – ‘Agboju Logun (THEMBA’s Herd Mix)’

South African tastemaker THEMBA strikes again with an incredible Herd Mix of ‘Agboju Logun’. Sampling Shina Williams and His African Percussionists’ 1979 disco anthem to supercharge its groove potential and organic feel, this contemporary floor-filler will win over any crowd in a matter of seconds.

Martin Buttrich pres. Stoned Autopilot – ‘Light Vessel Automatic’

With his Stoned Autopilot moniker, Martin Buttrich manages to give every sound on the album — ‘Light Vessel Automatic’ orchestral coordination and breathing space, stretching out tracks until they feel like whole universes with colors and textures. Within what is a highly personal journey, an exercise or recollection really, Buttrich also finds space to look forwards, inviting a younger generation of musicians to contribute on the album.

Aviella – ‘Dramatic’

Los Angeles-based singer-songwriter Aviella delivers her sophomore EP featuring her new synth pop anthem ‘Dramatic’. Aviella’s toplines have long been turning heads in the EDM space, and now her solo project is catching the attention of her fans, and especially the Dim Mak family.

SOSA x Prok | Fitch – ‘Dance Lapse’

Rising star SOSA collaborates with established producer and DJ duo Prok | Fitch. Together, they weave their distinct sound of groove-based tech house, releasing a club-driven creation suitable for transient and peak-time moments on the dancefloor with ‘Dance Lapse’. 

MYRNE x Shallou – ‘Falling Back’

Singaporean artist-producer MYRNE returns with the blissful new track ‘Falling Back’, a collaboration with Los Angeles-based multi-talent Shallou. Boasting dreamy, ethereal tones and delicately disruptive flourishes of pulsing percussion, ‘Falling Back’ is simultaneously inviting and shrouded in atmospheric mystery.

*Featured image via Rezz, Rank 1, French Braids and Salvatore Ganacci*

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