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San Holo’s “album1” Tour Is Finally Here

by TerraNova.Lov3

San Holo is on a 30+ date U.S. tour to debut his new EDM album, “album1” and I’m so excited for his stop in Seattle in December. So much new music has been released recently, but I’m personally very thrilled about this album and all the unique musical perspectives San Holo has to offer.

By mow most people have heard of San Holo and know of his previous work like “Light” and “We Rise”, but album1 is going to introduce a whole new warmer and organic feel into the EDM world because he is incorporating real instruments and stretching the boundaries of EDM. He tells Forbes,

“It’s electronic music, but with this new album I’m working on I’m putting a lot of organic, real sounds in there to build a bridge between the EDM world and the more indie world until it becomes one.”

As a alternative/rock, indie,  girl who grew up listening to New Wave 80’s, hearing an EDM artist combining all these sounds and techniques into one genre is really awesome and I’m in love with what he has created.
He also spoke exclusively to Billboard further explaining his idea,

”Show Me” is a good example that represents this new sound. I recorded a lot of guitars on cassette tape, to give it that warm, warbly, lofi sound. You can clearly hear this in the guitar intro of the song. The beauty of recording actual instruments on tape is the fact that you can never record the same thing twice.”

San has not only done something new, but he was completely hands on throughout his whole album from producing, mixing/mastering the album himself, to writing all the lyrics on the album with the artists in the room. There’s not a single song on this album where the creation process took place over email. I feel that most artists can’t say that for a WHOLE album, and frankly it has paid off.  ‘lift me from the ground’ accumulated over 3 million streams on Spotify alone, charting on Billboard Hot Dance/Electronic and reaching #1 on the iTunes electronic chart since its release. San performed ‘brighter days’ with Bipolar Sunshine at the acclaimed Dutch 3FM Awards; and it has surpassed 2M combined streams across DSPs and SoundCloud/YouTube in under a week.

album1 Tracklist:

  1. everything matters (when it comes to you)

  2. lift me from the ground (feat. Sofie Winterson)show me

  3. brighter days (feat. Bipolar Sunshine)

  4. always on my mind (feat. James Vincent McMorrow & Yvette Young)

  5. go back in time

  6. love (wip) feat. Cassini

  7. voices in my head (feat. The Nicholas)

  8. worthy

  9. forever free (feat. Duskus)

  10. surface (feat. Caspian)

  11. vespal avenue

San Holo has beautifully created a story with his music and you can listen and embark on a new journey here & purchase tickets near you here. You’re absolutely not going to want to miss out on a chance to be a part of this tour.

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