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Corey James' New Release "Bring It"

Corey James’ New Release “Bring It” [Out Now]

by TerraNova.Lov3
Corey James‘ New Release “Bring It” is Guaranteed to Heat Up the Dance Floor.

Corey James drops Bring It on Protocol Recordings Just in time for the beginning of festival season. The electro-tinged, driving basslines of this powerful track set a “game on” mood that will be sure to excite crowds whether on the festival stage or in the club.

Bring Itevokes an invincible, euphoric feeling in listeners that could both fuel the overcoming of a personal obstacle and a hedonistic night on the town – so whether you are looking to ace an exam, nail a work presentation, or party like there’s no tomorrow, Corey James can provide your soundtrack.

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The young producer’s affinity for creating tracks with this seismic, larger-than-life sound has garnered him a loyal fan base across the globe in a very short amount of time.

His listeners certainly won’t be disappointed after hearing the dance floor crushing beats of “Bring It.”


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